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True Ghost Stories

Ghost girl praying
Sweet Death by Autonoe

As a child it was often my mum would find me talking to someone that she couldn't see. She accepted it as when she had been young, she too remembered seeing what we call spirits of those who have passed away. Unfortunately I also saw ghosts in school as a young child, and one day approached the teacher and gave her a message her mother had passed to me that I had seen in spirit. Of course I was too young at the time to make such things up, and the teachers called my mum and told her they'd like me to go to see a priest, as if wanted, they could help me with this. My mum refused as I might feel different from others and she wanted me to be comfortable with the gift I had. These memories I don't have, only my mum tells me. However, I have many memories at the age of 6 when my granddad passed away, of seeing his spirit. I had been very close with my granddad, and he had started to become ill. One night we were leaving to go on holiday, but I had to finish a picture I was doing, I'd been drawing a lot, of me praying at the end of my granddads bed and him in it. This one was different however and I still have it now. I drew me praying at the end of the bed as usual, but there was no one in the bed this time, and the window showed a starry night, and in the corner of the room I drew a figure in bright yellow and orange. I gave it to my Nan, when she asked about the picture I said, the person doesn't sleep in the bed anymore, when she asked what the figure was, I said it was a ghost and then we went anyway. When we arrived my mum rang my Nan to let her know we were okay. It was while on the phone that I saw my granddad, his shape, glowing bright orange and yellow as in the picture. He spoke to me, and then my mum told me granddad had passed away. I know I said, I just saw him, its okay mum, he said he hasn't really gone; he's just living somewhere else now. My mum broke down into tears. I didn't cry at all, why would I need too, he would always still be there.

I saw granddad often, in school by the teacher, sometimes he made me giggle, always the bright colours like the sun, like his personality, and he glowed beautifully. I had always told my granddad when I was little, how much I wished I could fly. One morning I woke up so happy and ran to tell my mum granddad had came in the night and took me flying, my mum's friend was there and was shocked at how much detail I had. I told everything I had seen, and how it was impossible I could have been making it up at only the age of seven now. A little later I came and said granddad had left now, an old woman who walked 'funny' and was hunched over had taken him to a better place. My mum tells me now that the old woman I had seen was his mother, she'd died of an illness I can't remember and wasn't able to stand up straight which made her walk funny, I no longer see my granddad now, but I can always feel him there when I need him.

So to anyone who's had a loved one passed away, you don't need to see them to know they're there. Just close your eyes and reach out to them, you'll feel them then.

By Amy Rathbone

I have had three distinct experiences in the past year. The first two are connected to a friend of mine that I consider a sister. One is a spirit that is attached to her, the spirit is a mixed Native American man, very tall and thin, always wearing a three piece green suit. Now I have never been able to see him but I have felt his presence, even as far as him laying his hand on me. What happens with him is when he feels that someone is threatening my friend he causes things to happen. No one has been hurt but he gets close to it. Yet he will on occasion hurt her on purpose.

The second is a type of elemental that lives in her parent's barn. Unfortunately this one is evil or has severe evil intent. When her and her parents tried to find out what had been scaring the horses in their barn her parents hit a barrier that my friend passed right through. Then she saw a shadow jumping from behind box to box, her mother told her stop because only my friend saw the shadow move. It then went back to the indoor silo, which is where it lives, no lights will work there even with new bulbs and wires. Her parents were then able to move, and her mother snapped a quick picture of the silo's inside then a huge roar and gust of wind came from the silo and they ran back to the house. When the picture was developed it looked overexposed except for a few spots at the edge. So ever since I moved near this house when I have had to walk by when I am on the road I feel its eyes watching me and it actually tried to blow me over with what felt like a 60 mph gust as I went by.

The last one happened this past Labor Day when I was in Salem, Massachusetts. I was walking through one of the graveyards with a few friends and at this particular one my intuition told me to stay out but I didn't follow it. Long story short I ended up in front of a headstone from the 1600's when I found that I couldn't lift my feet as if they were cemented in place.

Hello. I would like to tell you about my multiple spirit sightings. I am 18 now, and when I was about 14 or 15 I was throwing a tennis ball against my house and it wasn't even a year after my grandfather passed and I saw him watching me from the window inside. I was scared so I ran inside and nobody was there. So I thought hmm, maybe it's just my mind playing tricks. Not even a year later I was in my room and I was awoken to heavy breathing in my ear and an imprint of a person was next to me as if someone were sitting on my bed. I started talking, asking if it was my grandfather and I heard a cough, and my grandfather and I were very close and I recognized his cough. And I was talking and talking and eventually the imprint was no longer there.

About one year ago I was at my grandmother's house (my dad's mother, because my mother's father who I saw has passed, so has her mom.) It was around midnight. I couldn't sleep, and I kept hearing footsteps near the bed. So I didn't think much of it until maybe 30 minutes later I felt really cold from my neck down and then I felt a hand touch me. So I asked if it was my great-grandfather Bowman and about 20 seconds later I heard what was a distinct "yes". So I started talking and talking. I got no replies except a "good bye" about five minutes later.

Another experience I had was when an evil spirit entered my body, I believe it was a demonic force. I had never felt so helpless and I've never felt so controlled. I was speaking like I never have been. I couldn't pronounce my words correctly as if someone was talking for me. I had thoughts that my mother was trying to kill me so I had it in my mind to get a knife and hurt her, but I managed to fight it off. I grabbed my Bible and I started bawling and my hands got so hot I had to drop the Bible. I called my friend and he thought I was on drugs, but as I can remember I was pretty much brain dead as if I weren't talking. It was very scary and strange. I hope you enjoyed these.

Thanks for your time,
I've been into witchcraft for quite awhile now (about 6 years) but it never seemed like I'd ever connect to anything. I've been trying to connect to ghosts, my spirit guardian, lost spirits (though those could be considered ghosts too I suppose...), the elements, etc. However, it seemed like no matter how hard I tried, instead of coming out with a positive outcome, I'd usually end up with something negative instead! I was so depressed about not being able to connect with anything spiritually (like every other woman in my family) that I started to give up on witchcraft altogether. Thankfully my mom pushed me along and got me back into it, but even after all that time I spent away I still ended in failure. Finally I decided to look into some of the symptoms I felt after I meditated and whatnot. I thought it was strange that after performing very tedious spells, or meeting up with the spirits of the dead nearby, that I would later feel filled with energy. I told my mother and grandmother about it, and they seemed very worried.
It turns out that I was a psychic vampire too. This had come from the people on my fathers side! Needless to say I was heartbroken, because I had always wanted to be a witch, but when I found out I was a psychic vamp, I felt that I could never heal or help people like my mother had. I still tried though, just not on humans anymore. Slowly I've begun to concentrate more so that as I heal people with spells, I feed off something else instead (I usually keep an apple nearby, that way I can take what is left of the life inside of that instead). It's very hard and tiring, but I'm sure that some day I'll have it mastered.

Now for a spirit story.

You may have seen what I have posted in the forums about this weird creature already, but I thought I would email it to you too. You see, ever since I moved to the little town of Eads, Colorado, I've noticed this strange, black figure following me around sometimes. It seems to take the shape of a human male, but each time I try to get close enough to get a better look, it disappears! The first time I saw it I was playing on the playground at our towns Elementary School, and I noticed something darting in the shadows near the building. I ignored it at first, but then my friend even spotted it, and she started to freak out. We both decided it was time to go home then. I've seen it multiple times since then, and I've noticed it's starting to be around my house more.

It only comes out at night, and I never feel a threatening presence from it. In fact, one time when I went to the park across from my house, I spotted it hiding behind a tree, so I decided to sit down on the ground and watch it. It watched me the whole time, and it seemed slightly scared, but it also felt as if it was sad in some way. People have told me that its probably a shadow spirit, and that I should stay away from it or else it will take away my energy, but I'm so enticed by it, I just can't seem to get it out of my mind! Perhaps it is a shadow spirit.... but maybe its interested in me because I, too, take peoples energy (though not on purpose, I assure you).

Please give me some advice.

I want so badly as to find out more about this creature! If you tell me for certain that I should stay away from it then I will... I just want to be sure that I'm not missing out on an amazing opportunity to meet an interesting creature.

Yours truly, Holly

Dear Starwitch~

First let me start off by telling you a little bit about me. My name is Nataly. I am from Santiago, Chile. I was adopted and raised in NY, USA and I have experienced spirit encounters all my life. Even at the age of twenty three they wont leave me alone. It all started when I was about five years old. My first encounter was two children who used to come and visit me in my bedroom around two o' clock every night. There was a boy who wore overalls, and a girl who wore an old fashioned dress. They used to ask me to come play with them so I would get out of bed and jump up and down until my father was awakened. He would come into my room, turn on the light and tell me to go to sleep. I used to get so frustrated with him because he could not see them. They always seemed to disappear when he arrived in the doorway. A year passed and instead of seeing spirits I began to hear them around my bed. Angry, mean, men and women spirits threatening to kill me and harm my family. I became ecstatic, and my parents started getting concerned and sent me to a psychiatrist. To this day I still see them from time to time. As the years have gone by, the spirits seem to be trying to communicate with me. I don't know if I should indulge them or ignore them but they will never leave until I do something.

My grandpa (Hendrick Kuiper) a few years ago gave me this knife that belonged to one of my descendants coincidently also named Hendrick Kuiper who had moved to colonel America from Ireland to a be "ghost hunter" for a small amount of pay. At first the job was good, made a large profit, and was renowned in native tribes. But as demand declined he grew paranoid and slowly he went mad. At last he died of a heart attack trying kill a specter. At his dying breath, some (like me) say he bound his sole to his dagger so he could "live" to fight another day.

Now a few weeks after grandpa told me this story and gave me this knife some weird things started happening in my basement. Orbs of light started appearing in the basic form of a man (I'M NOT INSANE!). A couple days after that I walked into my attic and a man was standing there with the dagger.

"Hello son, good to see you. Say where is he?" Then he just disappeared, leaving the dagger just to fall and hit the floor. I was freaked out man so in the end I got some of my friends and well sealed it (I do Chinese and Japanese sutras work and Native American rituals too.) and threw it overboard in the Gulf of Mexico

Christian Dean Harris
When I was 9 years old, which was in 1964, we moved into this big, old house in Bay Shore Long Island. It had 4 levels - attic, bedrooms, living area and basement. My dad would always put paneling up on the walls in every house we lived in. One day the neighbor across the street commented on how Mrs. Nelson (previous owner) would be very upset if she saw what daddy did. You see, there was flower wall paper which was really ugly; anyway, we paid no mind to his comment. A couple of weeks went by when one night my mom woke up due to a lot of noise coming from downstairs and she went down to look and pots and pans were thrown everywhere in the kitchen. The next day while my mom was at work in my elementary school, in the kitchen, the janitor asked her if she was living in the old Mrs. Nelson home. My mom said yes, and why? He said that she had died the night before. Well, from that day on (and we lived there for 5 years) Mrs. Nelson never left us alone.

She did everything she could to get rid of us - Mommy, Daddy and my sister all wound up in the hospital, my dog even got sick, we had fires all the time in the house, the fire department was there almost every week. We always heard noises, footsteps, etc? Remember those old fashioned heat radiators that had water in them? Well, many winter nights they would burst open and we would have floods all over the house. The plumber would never find anything wrong with them. Our relatives, when they came to visit, always saw a woman walking past the attic window when there was nobody up there, etc... It's funny our house got no news media when just down the road was the town of "Amityville" where they were having the same problems!!!! I was so terrified in that house, but Mrs. Nelson never hurt me like the rest of the family, I guess she had a soft spot for the "baby". So, believe it or not...this is the truth.

Linda Tatum
North Carolina
Dear Starwitch,

While I don't see spirits in the literal sense (with my eyes) I can feel and hear them in my mind. While I don't know what they're saying 100% of the time, I can make out much of what they're trying to get across.

I would love to send you a compelling story of how a spirit contacted me, much like the TV show Medium or Ghost Whisperer but, alas, spirits don't often reach out to me to save the lives of others. I despise such shows as mentioned above simply because they give out a false idea of how it works. I have had a few people come to me asking if I can contact a loved one that has recently died.

I do however have a friend that has a spirit trapped inside of him. It's quite a different feeling when you sit down to talk to him, especially when I hear his roomie inside my head at the same time!

I would like to ask you a question, and I'm sorry if I have done this in the wrong spot, but my friend got a crystal from his mother which protects the spirit inside of him from interfering with those around him and stops outer spirits from touching him. He doesn't know what it's called; except to tell me it's black. I was wondering if you knew the name of such a thing.

I understand you must get so many e-mails so I don't expect an answer straight away, but please can you help me out as I'm in need of such a crystal.

If you don't know the answer I won't hold it against you, but whatever help you can give me is most appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Hi Hollie,

There are a few black crystals. The most popular ones are Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, and Hematite. Those are the only ones I know of. I hope that helps. You can search the site for these crystals and find a lot of information on them.

Bright Blessings,
 Dear Starwitch,

A couple of months a go I went skiing with some friends and I brought my Ouija board to see if it really worked. We got some of the other people who went with us and played it.... IT REALLY WORKED!!!! The board went crazy. Then later that night I was walking down the hallway with my friend and we saw two orbs of light. Since I used the board are their any precautions I should take?

Dear Friend,

You can learn all about Ouija Boards on our message board. There's a long thread where members have shared their experiences and opinions about them.

Bright Blessings,
I have seen things that most grown ups would cringe at the thought of even thinking of such things. Here is the story.

I am an 11 year old girl that lives in Idaho. I went to go visit my Grandparents that live in Utah and they lived in an old mansion that was pretty creepy. When I went to bed that night I was pretty scared because I had seen a figure watching me from the window when I took a shower. Suddenly I heard a loud crash and then there was an old, demon-like figure in the bed next to me. It had one eye and the other one was hanging out if the socket. You could see its brain through a hole in its head. It was missing an arm and a leg and it was bleeding all over me. I screamed and then it disappeared. I have seen many things like this and some of them were worse this is just the one that was on the top of my head.

Goodnight, and hope you have good dreams.
Makenna P.
I was just recently on your website! Thank you for all of your information!

I have seen a spirit. I have to live with them everyday. You see, my house was built in 1838 and has one of the first bomb shelters. My sister and I used an Ouija board and found something amazing. We were in my kitchen with candles and the board along with my sister's friend. We all did what we were supposed to do and then it started to move! We got the name TRISH then started to solve the mystery of the spirit. We found out that there was indeed someone in the house named Trish. In fact...she was a cat! She had crawled up in the basement and died. No wonder we all see cats around the house all the time! Well that's only my first story to give you. Contact me if you want any more because I've got plenty!

Raven Rank
Yes I have seen a spirit. It wasn't long ago. I was washing clothes when I heard a crack on the window. I stopped and turned the washer off and opened the back door and stepped outside. It was 8:34 p.m. when this happened. Once I was outside I looked back and forth and saw nothing. I went back inside the house and locked it. I opened the windows and got back to washing. I was almost done. I looked back at the window. All I saw was a little girl standing next to the window. I was shocked. I asked the little girl what she wanted. She didn't say anything and just looked at me. I unlocked the back door and she wasn't there. Once all the lights were off I went into my room and walked inside my bathroom. I was just getting ready for bed. I looked at a vase I had in the bathroom. I don't know how it happened but the vase was broken inside the tube filled with water. I don't know how to explain this or what was going on while I was by myself in the house. I don't know what that girl wanted. I don't know how the vase got inside the tube and filled itself with water or how the window cracked but all I know is what I saw, which was a little girl in a white dress. I've been searching around the 'hood to see if they knew a little girl in a white dress. She had short hair and blue eyes. But everybody I spoke with didn't seem to know her or seen her. I don't know what she is trying to tell me or what she wants but I know when I looked into missing children there was a child just like the girl I saw that night.

My name is Arturo Lopez and this is something I can't explain. I would like others to read and maybe tell me what it means.
Well I have three ghost stories. Two of them happened at the same exact spot and the other was when me and some friends wanted to check out this abandoned house, but the one I'm going to tell you is the abandoned house one.

One day in the year 2008 around autumn/winter some friends and I were hanging out. We wanted to go and see if this abandoned house was haunted cause everyone chooses the creepiest house around the block and we picked the abandoned one. So me and my friends went to check it out (there were like five of us but only two of us actually went in and one of those people that went in was me.) So we went in and I swear I saw a guy in a vest, jeans, red shirt, and farmer boots or army boots, and, uh, it scared the living shit out of me and I felt a terrible sense of fear so I ran to my house which was only two blocks away. I was outside of my house and my friend who also went in was being an asshole and pretending that she got possessed for like a minute because if you get possessed at all you stay possessed for a long time until some religious thingy or something. But anyway I would like to know if you have any idea who this guy was and what his intentions were? I don't think he died in that house. I just think he wanders around a lot and picks a place to stay for a bit then moves on. I think his purpose was to get me away from that house for some reason, maybe to protect me. So, um, yeah, hope you like it and I'm not telling a lie this really happened but you can think whatever you want and it would be great if you could tell me what you honestly think
I had one last month and I would think of this as a poltergeist attack. I was at my girlfriend's house and we were trying to help her get rid of a ghost that was terrorizing her. The next thing I knew I started to feel like something was trying to choke me and I felt like I couldn't breath (which is weird because I have never had anything like that happen before). After I did research about miracle valley, I found out that there were many malevolent spirits all around that sector.

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