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True Ghost Stories

woman playing harp by moonlight with ghost of lover resting his head on her shoulder
"The Melody of Your Demise" by Linda Bergkvist

My family is very open to spirits. Except me. I've always been afraid of them. But I'm also extremely drawn to them. I love my Ouija board and make it a tradition to watch "A Haunting" and "Ghost Hunters" every time they're on. Anyhow, my mother has had many, many experiences...We sometimes believe she's sensitive.

After my great grandmother died about two years ago, my mom went through a tough time coping. It was really hard when we had to go through all of Grandma's things. But one night, my mother had a hard time sleeping...She heard some ruffling in the living room where the boxes filled with my grandmothers things were. Startled, my mother got up and searched for the noise. It was my grandma. She was looking through her things, smiling, and apparently reminiscing.

I do believe, however, my grandmother touched me and has come to me in my dreams. One of the first times I've used the Ouija board I contacted her. It was quite emotional since she had just recently passed away. One of my friends that was there had told me to ask if she could touch me. I know it isn't recommended to ask a spirit to do anything outside of the board but love got the best of me, so I asked her. At midnight that night, I felt a warm spot on my leg. It was a weird feeling...It was soothing though. And I really felt it was her. And a few nights later, she came to me in my dreams. She told me she was proud of me. And that I was beautiful. And only a few nights ago she came again. We had dinner together.

I don't know if this was just my imagination or not. But maybe you've heard of experiences comparable to mine and my mother's.

I hope these experiences help you and/or interest you.

Thank you,
Monika-Lorelei Cruz.
Hello, my name is Alex. I lived in a town called East Hampton, CT. In our town, we had a lot of weird events happen, especially in our coven. We had about a standard coven at one point (seven people), but one of them was an idiot. He insulted the devil during a wineglass session at our choice meeting spot (we called it "Grove der Ouden", which is Dutch for "Grove of the Ancients," based on a quite old Native spirit who inhabited it) and apparently, the spirit we were in contact with, who was an ancestor of a member of our coven named Aly, had to tell him. He (mentally) tortured me. I was to be his first target because I was the main Shaman of our coven, so my soul was more open to spirit communication, until we made a pact. The member of the coven who had insulted him had to leave our coven and never study Wicca again and had to convert to Devil Worship. That was the start of our last coven, which only had three, the three most talented of us, Aly, who was a superb spell caster and charmer, Brad, our healer and the strongest of us, and me, the Shaman and spirit communicator. As a coven we tried to amplify our powers, and we did. Aly's charms and spells were stronger than anything we had ever seen. Brad could heal open wounds and sap us of our energy (I know, its hard to believe. We didn't at first.) And I, who could formerly mostly only sense spirits, could see many of them pure as day. I suppose that's our story. Oh, and we liberated seven trapped spirits, malevolent ones, who were disturbing local forests and our lake. They were all trapped, and we tried our best to help them. And we did! If you want specific stories, you can email me at this address. Thank you for reading :)
It was late last April. I was babysitting for a family that I have known for what seems like forever. I put the kids to bed and went to watch TV. I was slowly dozing off waiting for the parents to get home when I had an odd feeling of being watched. I looked over to my left, just out of instinct, and a lady dressed in pure white with long curly hair walked out of the hall. I know some people think I was tired and my mind was playing tricks on me, but I swear on my heavenly father that she was there. I stood up in shock. She smiled and walked to the living room where I was standing. She looked me in the eyes and I knew what I was to do. I ran to the little girl's room. I was shocked to see her lying there pale as a ghost and freezing cold. I picked her up and called the hospital. Turns out her body was shutting down and if I hadn't have gotten to her then she might have died. Ever since that day, I watch for the lady when I babysit. She saved her life and I can't be more thankful.

Every house I have ever lived in has been haunted. I think that I have a connection to the dead. Perhaps it was because of all my homes, heredity, or possibly because I have suffered many losses of close friends and family. Anyway, instead of telling things of my own house, I want to tell you of my cousins house that actually turns out to be an old slave house. I know the spirits there are angry. I could feel it the first time I stepped foot into her house.

There are plenty of strange stories there. Take, for example, the scratching of walls with no scientific explanation, seeing eyes staring at you from cracks of the old wooden house, hearing a voice whisper in your ear when you are all alone. Things like that, things that send chills down my spine even though I am a genuinely brave person.

Once, me and my cousin walked into her room which is upstairs in her house. That seems to be where most of the paranormal phenomena occur. One of her porcelain doll's head lifted up from its shoulders and flew across the room. I knew I FELT something. Before I walked in... I felt anger. I just thought maybe my cousin was upset at me, but I found out that the spirit inside her room was very angry.

That night we stayed up late as usual. We heard scratching under her bed, checked under to see if it was a rat or something, after all that was a very likely chance in a house like hers. Of course, nothing was under there, nothing VISIBLE to us anyway. I felt a presence. I felt the anger and a mix of despair. But what could I do to help it? To this day the angry spirit lurks in her room, making anyone that goes in there feel uneasy, even if they wont admit it.
On February 3, 2007 my sister-in-law passed away. My hubby & family took her to Puerto Rico for the funeral. Keep in mind I did not know what she was wearing when she was laid to rest. That night after getting home from the airport, I got ready for bed. I was alone in the house, besides my cat. I was watching TV and all of a sudden I see a beautiful white shadow in the hallway. I could not make out the face. But she resembled my sister-in-law. I felt a very loving warmth come over me.

When the family got back. I described to my mother-in-law what she was wearing (sister-in-law). She fell to the ground & started to cry. Asked me how did I know.

I have a 11 month old daughter named after her. I have nights I can see her watching over her as she sleeps.

May God Bless & All His Angels,
I wandered across your site looking for some interesting spells to try. And the spirits and ghosts caught my attention so I figured I'd tell you my story.

There was a spirit in my house that we recently moved into. Me and my mom saw him. He was a tall guy wearing a black trench coat. He had spiky brown hair. He always has his face like blacked out so you can't see it.

The first time me and my mom saw him we were standing in the kitchen cleaning up the house because we were just moving into the house and it smelled like it was closed off for years. And we both felt like there was someone standing behind us so we tuned around to look and there he was. Both of us weren't really scared just surprised.

He was popping up a lot. Letting us know he was there by shutting cabinets, unplugging the vacuum, and just showing up.

But we're starting to think that either another spirit has come or he doesn't like having us here.

I never felt comfortable in my mom's room. I always felt like there was someone else in there. I started to believe there was something in there when she told me that she walked into her room after taking a shower and she tripped over nothing. Then she heard someone say something that she couldn't quite make out. Everyone else was downstairs.

After I smudged (Walked around all the doorways with sage) Hoping to clear the house, I never felt/saw either spirit again.

I kind of miss the kitchen guy though. :[
 I am 15 and my parents would probably have me carted away if she knew half the stuff I sometimes see.

The first occasion was when I was much younger, about six, I think, and it scared me a lot. I awoke in the early hours of the morning to hear noises coming from under my bed, which sounds so stereotypical. But the house was only two years old so there was nothing wrong with the floor boards, so out of curiosity I decided to take a look. As I leant over the top of the bunk, well I'm not all too sure what happened but I ended up back at my pillow with a sore head. As I sat back up I saw them. There were two figures at the end of my bed, their featureless bodies and faces staring at me. One black and one pink though I suppose it could have been white since I had my pink night light on. As I looked at them, fear taking over my body, the pink/white one made a threatening gesture and they vanished without a trace. When I awoke in the morning I wondered why they had been under my bed. I didn't keep anything special under there except a few dolls, paper and the key I once found in the garden. I'm not sure why but whatever these things were, they'd taken my key.

I managed to forget the incident for a number of years and then I had a dream. The day after I had the dream it happened. Every single detail that had happened was relayed into my activities. Then the night of the two figures sprung up from the depths of my mind and I thought that perhaps somehow the two were linked. But after confiding in a few friends, only one believing me, the others found it hilarious, I ignored it and nothing happened for years.

A few months back I started seeing this little girl. I'd see her on street corners, in the middle of the road, and in front of houses. I saw her when I was on my own and when I was with others. They'd notice a change in me as I'd start to shake and practically have a panic attack but they couldn't see her. It drove me mad that I was the only one who could see the 1800's picture of perfection that she was - except her face. Her face was scarred and her eyes were pallid, she was solid but only just.

Then last Saturday my parents ditched me in the middle of London late at night. It was around the area of where Jack the Ripper had terrorized his victims. I was already nervous so therefore eager to catch up with them. In desperation I climbed over what I thought was a bench. A shiver passed down my spine and my breathing was suddenly short. I turned and saw the inscription. "Here Lies The Body Of An Unknown Girl". And although I didn't see any girl it was as if she was there.

I know I'm probably just freaking out over nothing but I don't know it all feels so real to me and I don't think it's in my head. But I am really in need of reassurance of whether I'm going crazy or I'm actually seeing spirits, at which point I have to wonder why? These incidents frighten me greatly and I do wonder whether there are others experiencing such.

I was under the covers, trying to get warm. In just a couple of minutes I was totally heated and had to go to the bathroom. So I started to climb out of the covers - then froze, wide eyed and hyperventilating.

You see, I always keep my door opened at night - at least I used to - now I see that that was a mistake.

In my doorway was a woman - somewhere in her 20's, maybe early 30's, with her hand on my wall. She just stood there, smiling at me.

I was scared stiff, and I couldn't stop staring. Suddenly I just collapsed into my pillow and fainted.

A couple of months passed and I didn't tell anybody. But eventually I had to tell someone, so I told my mother. She showed me pictures of family members that had passed away, but nobody looked familiar.

So another month later I was walking in my upstairs hallway, looking at the pictures that I usually never took any notice to. I froze.

"Mom, who's that?" I has asked, pointing at a picture.

"That's your Grandma - Daddy's mom. She died before you were born," she answered.

"That's the woman who was standing in my doorway."

Ever since that night, I've never once left my door open again.

Note: This was a couple years ago, I was seven. And I never saw her again.

An Anonymous Eleven Year Old Girl
Ever since I was little I would hear strange sounds, see things out of the corner of my eyes, and get really strong feelings. Things started getting intense when I had my first deja-vu experience. I had a dream about a shopping day my mom, brother, sister, and me were having. Me and my sister were jumping from these boulders outside the store and about a month later it happened EXACTLY like in my dream. The day after the dream came true I was sitting in class (I was in the 4th grade) when my hand was suddenly jerked and twisted behind me. The moment it was happening I whispered to myself, "Goddess protect me, PLEASE!" and I was released. Having gotten the attention of everyone around me I sat down and noticed that there was a man suddenly sitting in my teacher's chair and she sat down in it and he disappeared. I almost literally felt my heart drop down to my stomach. After that I saw the man everyday, waiting for me at the entrance of my classroom and I'd whisper "Go AWAY" and he would for the rest of the day.

Over the years I continued to see more and more people that no one else seemed to notice at all. After about three years of self-denial I finally began to try and interact with them. About a year ago in the winter break of my high school freshman year, I was sitting in my mom's boyfriend's living room watching TV when I felt another presence in the house. Instinct told me it was near the room where my siblings and niece were sleeping in and I went to check in on them. Before I could even touch the door knob every single bit of me was telling me to run but I couldn't just leave the kids in there so I tried to open the door and was thrown 5 feet back onto the computer in the hall. For some reason no one else was woken up. I texted my step-sister and she immediately came over. While she got to the house I tried once more to enter the room and this time I could. Once in the room I was overpowered by the smell of fruit and another unknown scent. Now that I knew that the kids were safe I went back to the living room to wait for my step-sister. When I heard her truck pulling in I opened the door. As she was getting out we both heard a child's laughter. Being startled, we left a note for my mom telling her where I was. Leaving the house, I put a simple protection spell on the house and got into my sis' truck. Pulling out I saw several figures on the porch, a darkly dressed man, an elderly woman, and a little girl. Ever since then I've felt them near the house, on the edge of my senses. The man has followed me home from time to time, waking me from a dead sleep, opening cabinets. He's not angry anymore but now I think he gets a kick out of scaring my family and me sometimes. I guess when it happens to you like it has to me you have no other choice but to believe.
Ever since I was small, I always used to see this shadow by my bed. I wasn't scared, I just saw it, and one morning I woke up with a bright red spot on my body.

I don't know, this sound nuts to me, but a lot of things happened in my life, e.g. I think I saw death already. I cannot explain what it looks like, but in one word, a wind. It happened when a friend of the family passed. I don't know what happened, I was sitting outside just taking in some fresh air and I saw this thing (creature) or something... I saw it going to the house and seconds after I heard crying and screaming, saying that she died. Honestly, up to this day I don't know what I saw.

I do not sleep with my lights off, I see things, I see... I don't know... I feel them ... I know you might think I'm nuts, and believe me, I think I am nuts too sometimes.

If you can please help me out...
Hello Starwitch!

My name is Katie Ayala, and I am just discovering the wide world of Wicca. When I was doing some research on the internet I found your website and saw that you wanted to hear about "spirit sightings". I have one of those stories and would like to share it with you.

It was a normal day in third grade and me and four of my best friends were restless during our school play rehearsal. So we decided to take a quick break and go off to the bathroom. Our teacher assented and we went out the door that leads down to the bathroom, but oddly the lights were not turned on. Being third graders this did put most of them on edge, but I have never been afraid of the dark and so I was pushed to the front of the group and they huddled behind me hoping for some sort of protection. I knew my friends, Christa and Evan, had this phobia, I had had to deal with it in the past, so I willingly lead the way down the corridor. At the bottom I turned the corner, and right in front of me was a brilliant glowing white woman. Naturally, at the time, it scared the crap (excuse me) out of me! So I immediately fled the scene, my poor friends probably thought there was a mass-murderer on the other side of the wall, since they all scattered like a flock of geese taking off for flight. This has been my only visual encounter with a spirit, and I only wish I had been older so I could have appreciated her instead of feared her.
Seven years ago I was the maid of honor at my best friend's wedding. Her family is from Monterrey, Mexico (Ciudad Allende, which is just about 45 minutes from Monterrey) and the bride (Alma) asked me to visit Allende with her to help her with all of her wedding preparations. Her wedding was just one month away, so we were both really excited to be there planning everything for her big day! Even though she grew up in Austin, Texas, she chose Mexico for her wedding because the majority of her family still lives there.

We drove in on a Friday morning and spent the entire weekend there. Before this experience I had never actually seen or heard a spirit, but I had always told myself that if I did see one I would probably die from terror - if that's possible. Growing up we heard so many terrifying tales of ghosts & tormented souls that I was really terrified of the subject.

Friday evening we had dinner with several of Alma's relatives, including the uncle, aunt & two boys that we were spending the night with. After dinner the two boys showed us to our room - a small bedroom at the back of the house just next to their backyard garden. We had spent that entire day driving around & talking to the different vendors that were helping with Alma's wedding, so by the time that bedtime hit we were both pretty exhausted. We both went to bed at about 10:00 p.m. but we felt like we had accomplished a lot that day.

At around 4:00 a.m. in the morning I woke up to hear a lot of noise coming from the kitchen that was towards the front of the house. I could hear someone taking pans out of the cabinets and putting them on the stove top. I could hear the stovetop being lit (the little clicking noises it made). I could hear bacon sizzling on a pan. I could hear the fridge repeatedly being opened & closed as the cook was looking for her ingredients. I kept thinking to myself, "wow...Alma's aunt must really love her husband to have gotten herself up at this hour to make his breakfast." I was really impressed by her even though I knew that most women in Mexico are this subservient to their husbands. I even thought to myself, "no way will you ever find me at 4:00 a.m. cooking breakfast for my man!" Eventually the noise died down & I assumed that the aunt had sent her husband off to work with a full belly.

The next morning as we all started waking up, I walked over to the kitchen where Alma & her aunt were having coffee. I looked at her aunt and said, "I heard you cooking this morning. Did your husband leave for work already?" She looked at me like I was really confused and she said, "my husband doesn't work today. It's Saturday. And what do you mean you heard me cooking?" I looked at her again and explained everything that I had heard...the pans being placed on the stove, the fridge opening, the stove turning on. Alma and her aunt looked at each other and then looked at me again and Alma said, "Are you sure you heard this?" And I said, "YES! I'm positive. The noises woke me up. Why?"

Alma's aunt turned to me again and as calmly as possible, she told me she hadn't made breakfast that morning. She pointed out to me that there weren't even dishes in the sink or drying in the dish rack. Everything was exactly as we had left it the night before when Alma & I had cleaned the kitchen.

They then sat down with me and told me that I must have heard the spirit of Alma's grandmother, and her aunt's mother. They told me that until I had been there, only the two young boys who lived there had ever seen the woman walking around her garden outside. But neither boy had seen her inside the house. I was the first person who heard her inside the house. The two boys had seen their grandmother at least once a month tending to her garden or walking around just outside of their bedroom window. I soon learned that the grandmother absolutely LOVED to cook, and would rise at 4:00 a.m. every morning to make breakfast for her husband.

Until that experience I was really terrified about any encounters I might have, but after that experience I learned that not all spirits or ghosts are evil or have evil thoughts in mind. That's not to say that I'll go spend the night in a known haunted house...I know I could never do that. But if I ever actually see a spirit I know I might not die of terror now. I might pass out from terror, but I think I can survive it.

This is a true story...I can provide you with Alma's email address to verify this if you would like verification!

Monica Sanchez
Austin, Texas

Hey Starwitch!

Well, to be quite honest, I wasn't the one that saw the spirit (at least on this occurrence) - it was my friend, Miranda. And the strangest thing was that she was at a Christian Youth Group (Ok, so I was there too, but I just go to see friends that I wouldn't get to see otherwise (Like Miranda)) when it happened.

We were sitting in one of the side rooms, talking about stuff (that I can't tell you), and we had the lights off because we like the dark (WAY too much). All of a sudden, Miranda buries her face in her arms, and cries for me to turn the light on. I get up and do so, and come over to her, and ask her what happened.

She said she'd seen something large and shadowy moving across the far side of the room, although we were alone. She told me that even though she couldn't see it's face, she could tell it was looking at her, and that she was afraid. We didn't turn the lights off, after that.

I'm not sure if what she saw was a real spirit, or just a trick of her eyes, but it sure was scary as hell. Miranda told me afterward that she saw things like that a lot, and she wasn't sure what they meant, so I was wondering if you could help me - was it really a spirit she saw, or does she just need glasses?


Dear Alexa,

From reading the other stories people have sent in, it sounds like your typical spirit sighting. I suppose it could have also been the shadow of something walking outside of a window but is she sees stuff like this a lot then she is probably psychically attuned to the spirit world. If she needs help dealing with this, she can visit the Spiritual/Pagan Message Board and talk to Elisa about it. Elisa is a psychic who works with indigo children and crystal children. They each have their own forum where you can ask them questions and they are both well-educated in spirits and ghosts. They are also sensitive to the needs of teenagers who are seeing spirits and feel they they have no one to talk to about it.

Bright Blessings,
Hi, I'm Kimberly-Ann and I'm 13. I moved into the house I'm living in on February 23, 2001. We have an attic with old documentation from the early 70s-on, left by the pervious owners. I was the only one who would hear what sounded like slow footsteps, caused by a medium-sized person in heavy boots. My bedroom windows would be locked and I would be laying in my bed and in the dead of night, my windows would unlock themselves and open up. In 2003, I got this huge stereo and I had it on top of my dresser, but I never had it plugged in. Well, It would turn itself on to just a screeching noise.

I began to dream of this man. I could see his shape, he wasn't as bulky as I had thought he was, but in my dreams he was cold...Really cold. As the years continued to go on, for a few months he appeared "gone", as in the footsteps were no longer there. Then I realized it was just because I had gotten used to them, and that realization unnerved me completely. I hated to be in the house alone or in the dark, even when other family members were home.

A months later, in the spring of 2007, my sister, Linea, came running into my room. She explained that she had awoke with an uneasy feeling to see a white transparent figure standing in her doorway. I asked her multiple times if she had been dreaming, but she insisted she wasn't, so I kept her claim uncovered in the back of my mind. That's when more eerie things began to happen. I would be the only one in the house and lights would go on and off and I would hear voices, multiple times with almost a yell of my name. Every time I walked under my door frame into my room, I would get complete chills. Nobody believed me or my sister, even though the house would bring us to tears. Over Christmas in 2007, we were starting to take out and put things in the attic and my dad offered that I go up. So I took deep breaths going up the ladder until I got my head into the attic and I see a dark figure far far from the opening. He mouthed my name and I freaked out. But I put the box in there anyways. He was inching toward me...I felt it get colder than it was just milliseconds before and as I turned to climb down the steps, something firm and rough grabbed a hold of me and pushed me down the stairs and I had broken my ankle by it getting caught on a step and twisting. My fears were much greater than the pain.

I believe that was the beginning of the terror. I felt like no matter where I turned inside this house, that someone was watching me. When I looked at my reflection in the windows at night, I saw more than me, I saw a figure, a white one, a woman. She seemed gentle, but so had the man, and I'm positive he was the one who tormented me at night inside my dreams and the one who had pushed me out of the attic. The voices, footsteps, figures; they all stayed the same no matter how many times in my tears and dreams I said leave me alone. I would feel scared, upset, mad, and shy for no reason inside my house, but I'd be perfectly fine outside my house.

On December 29th, 2008, I was sitting at the computer and it was around 2 am I guess. I felt something looking at me, so I looked down the hallway, and the black figure, presumably the male, walked right through my mom's bedroom door into the hallway, where it then turned and looked at me before disappearing. I blinked once, wondering if I was going crazy. I happened to look down, and I saw my dead cat.. She was sitting on the floor looking at me. That's when I freaked out... The voices got louder and the black figure came closer. I felt a weird uncontrollable urge to cry and that's what I did. I asked my friend Robert if he could tell me any Bible verses to help me rid my house of these things. I had no other way to banish them other than the old fashioned ways - holy water, candles, crosses, and the Bible. I was sure as hell intent on not letting them be in my house any longer. My room was completely cross-clad and everything. I heard the voices get almost louder and madder inside my head and the footsteps were getting louder and swifter, almost as if he was angry. I don't remember what verses I read, But I know that in the morning, when I walked out of my room, I didn't hear the voices, and I didn't feel the tension.

But recently, on March 5th, 2009, I saw the figure again... and I'm starting to feel the same emotions as when he was here. I found it also could be the fact that there's a lot of tension inside my family circle could also be what's drawing negative energy.

But, that's my spirit story. =]

Dear Kimberly-Ann,

That's quite an experience! You poor soul. It must be terrifying for you. You may want to visit the message board (mentioned above) and talk to Elisa about this and learn some methods for shutting out the input you're getting from the spirits. It sounds like you're really picking up their emotions quite a bit. I think the anger and other emotions are coming from the male spirit most likely. You are so spiritually open that you pick those feelings up as your own. You can learn some shielding techniques that will help you close down the connection between you and the spirits.

I hope you are able to find a way to peacefully with or without the spirits in your life. It sounds pretty creepy to me. I know I wouldn't want to live that way. Thank Goddess that I don't have to.

Bright Blessings,

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