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True Ghost Stories

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I think I saw a spirit last week, at around 3 o'clock at night. I was suddenly awoken, and I heard (In my mind, I believe) "He is making you sleep".

When I looked over at my mirror on the wall, I saw a man moving around. I couldn't see him in the place, only his reflection in the mirror. I freaked out (Because how often do you see a man in your room when you expect to be alone?) and so I grabbed my glasses, and my remote to throw at him (This was before I thought it was a spirit). When I looked back up, he was nowhere to be seen. At first I thought I was still dreaming, but I no longer think that. It was too real, and I actually felt his presence. Something made me look at the mirror, because I NEVER wake up during the night. I was wondering if you could help me with it. I don't know who it is, but maybe you have heard of similar cases? I really want to know about it.
Hello my name is Sierra Brown,

I have had many, many ghost experiences so I will tell them to you.

This might sound crazy but I can remember back to when I was in diapers and a crib. I was about 2 yrs old and I was sitting on the couch waiting for my mom to come out of the kitchen. I started crying for her and I heard a sinister voice saying, "I'm not you mother!" I looked around but nobody was there and it turns out my mom wasn't in the kitchen, she had went next door to get something from the neighbor.

When I was about 4 or 5 yrs old, we had just moved into this big white colonial home with black shutters. (I still live here to this day) I was coming out of my room upstairs and I heard the door shut behind me. I turned around really fast and I couldn't get the door open. My grandma, Amy, had to literately bust down the door to get it open. The wicker chair I had and a bunch of toys was piled up against the door and somebody on the other side was pushing up on the door as well.

When I was 5 or 6 I was in the laundry room (same house through the rest of the story) with my mom Ulhonda and we were just drying the clothes. When we shut the dryer door it came open, then shut, then opened a third time, then shut again. (To let you know, the door when you open it, it kind of falls open but it latches and it is hard for anybody to open it so I knew it couldn't have opened by itself.) We were scared and didn't go back the rest of the night.

Then when I was seven my mom was in her room and in the closet was a bunch of tapes and videos. She said it sounded like they all fell and when she got up to look nothing had fallen. When she got back in bed she said something started pounding on the foot of her bed.

When I had just turned eleven I was in my room watching a movie. In the attic I heard two big pounding noises. I got up and ran and my grandma Amy and uncle Ralph said it sounded like it came from all over the house.

When I was twelve, my sister and I were in the room where the tapes thing had occurred. We were in bed and I saw something light blue hovering over the doorway. It had two eyes and a mouth and it was screaming at us to get out. When I got up to turn on the light it was gone but when I turned it back off again it was there so we slept with mom.

I turned thirteen not too long ago on May 30th. I was on the computer on and I heard noises coming from the room right by where I was sitting it sounded like scratching but I was scared.

And that is all. I will send you more if I have any.

~ Sierra Brown ~
Hi. My name is Catherine (or Catie, for short). I saw on your site that you were interested in hearing from people who have seen spirits. I would love to share my story with you.

About four years ago, I moved into a quaint little house in Arnold, Missouri. For the first six months I lived on the first floor, but quickly became bored with it and moved to one of the basement bedrooms. I used to have a dragon puppet that I hung in the far right corner of my room, away from any vents and windows. The important thing to remember about this basement is that the air conditioning/heater didn't circulate through it and all the windows were completely shut against the wind. Hot Rod (the name of the puppet I hung) didn't do anything for the first month and all was well. Then he started to spin. Nothing violent. He would simply spin in one direction, stop for a few moments and occasionally swing around, then spin in another direction. There was no explanation for this and if you stood near the spot next to and under the puppet it would get chilly and you could hear faint talking next to you, even though no one was there. I didn't think anything of this until one night, when I had a particularly vivid dream where I was a French woman who was being married off in 1874 and I could FEEL hands holding me down and choking me, and awoke gasping. I looked over to my puppet, which was swinging violently, to see a man staring at me with a frightened look on his face and holding Hot Rod in his left hand. I had never seen him before but I felt like I knew who he was. He also looked very protective of me.

"Who are you?" I asked, while still gasping for air, and a little frightened myself. He let go of Hot Rod and stepped over to my bedside, placing cold, nearly transparent hands on my visibly shaking hand.

"Anastasie, don't you remember?" he replied wistfully with the slightest French accent. I shook my head ever so slightly and he smiled at me. "My name is Henry. We knew each other once. I promised to always protect you, and I always will."

He sat next to me on the bed and, feeling incredibly safe, I curled up next to him as well as I could and fell back into a dreamless sleep. I woke up the next morning alone and thinking it was all simply a dream. As I got ready for school, Hot Rod didn't move, but when I started to leave the room I heard a slight noise behind me and turned around. In the corner, Hot Rod spun to face me, stopped, and made a waving motion then went back to an idle state. It looked like someone had been sitting on the edge on my bed and a pen was lying on the blanket. I was confused but left for school. When I got home that day, I went to my room. Under the pillow was a piece of paper that had music written on it. I took it to my choir teacher who played it on the piano for me. The song she played was very beautiful and sounded so familiar, however I couldn't place it.

Since then, I feel safe on dark and lonely nights. And sometimes I can almost hear that song playing and lulling me to sleep. =] I know I have met Henry before. He follows me wherever I go. When I moved from Missouri to Texas, he came with me and stayed in a corner near my closet. Here in Chicago, he roams the house freely, but stays with me at night.

I was wondering if he could possibly be a spirit from past life that has taken his vow of protection very seriously. Any thoughts on this?

Hi Catie,

Thanks for sharing that awesome experience! That was really a pretty interesting story (it made me wonder if I should make a different section for the best stories so people don't have to wade through all the others to find the good ones.) It sounds like just what you said - a spirit from a past life who is hanging around you. It's also possible that he thinks you are someone else and he just has his wires crossed somehow. It's hard to say. But it's a very interesting story and I appreciate you sending it in.

Bright Blessings,
I have seen a spirit. I like to think of it more as a ghost, but either way, I'm sure it was supernatural. For a little background, I am male and 18. Here is my story, which I assure you is absolutely true.

For a few years, I had been seeing shadows moving in the corner of my eye. They were usually low to the ground, so I figured it was just my cat, Rusty, moving about in the shadows. I had dismissed the shadows as my cat for a while, until one night, I was sitting on my couch watching television with Rusty in my lap. I was just sitting there, enjoying the program and petting my cat when I noticed a dark spot in the corner of my eye. Instead of quickly turning my head, I took the moment to study it as best I could with my peripheral vision. It definitely took the shape of a house cat, one that was sitting down, staring at me. From what I could tell, it was all black. Attempting to see this cat directly, I whipped my head around to face it, but it had disappeared. Slightly disturbed, but intrigued, I attempted to stay alert from then on, trying to catch another glimpse of the shadow cat. Time went on with various sightings, all of which were seen from the corner of my eye.

I usually get up at night or just stay up and play video games. My bedroom is upstairs and the computer is downstairs, which means I have to make the trip if I want to play. Sometimes, very late at night, when I go down the stairs, I hear the sounds of feline footsteps following me. I often think it's Rusty, but when I turn around, there is nothing there. In my house, to go downstairs, you go down about seven steps which lead out to a landing, where the front door is, then turn all the way around and go down another set of about six stairs. I usually would hear the footsteps almost at the bottom of the second set of stairs, at which point you can no longer see the top of the first flight of stairs, which is generally where I hear the footsteps coming from. I sometimes try to convince myself that it is Rusty and I startled him by quickly turning around, which would cause him to stop walking. (Whenever he gets scared, he stops moving and just stares, then runs if I move toward him, but only if I scare him by moving quickly like I would when trying to see if he was behind me or if it was the shadow cat.) I let myself believe that until one night, I was headed down to the computer with Rusty in my arms and I heard the footsteps. I stopped in my tracks and so did the footsteps. I continued down the stairs and the footsteps were no more. I hear those footsteps occasionally. There is no way to predict when I'll hear them, it's a random occurrence.

I had accepted the shadow cat as a figment of my imagination, probably brought on by playing video games late at night. I would see it in the corner of my eye occasionally and would hear it following me down the stairs every once in a while, but I always dismissed it. One night, however, I had some friends over. One of my friends was sitting on the couch, watching TV, while another friend and myself were in the dining room, pouring ourselves something to drink. The living room and the dining room are connected. There is no door separating them, only the fact that there is a table where we eat dinner in the dining room. It's more of a dining area than a room. The dining room and the living room form an L-shape, which goes around the kitchen. The kitchen has two entrances, one connects to the living room which is close to the stairs, and another that goes to the dining room. The kitchen, however, isn't very big. Well, I was pouring myself a drink while standing next to my friend when out of no where, a black cat materialized and walked past us into the kitchen. It seemed like it came out from under a small table next to a couch, but I can't be sure. I followed it for a few steps until it passed through the other door into the living room. I raced back through the living room to see it come out the other side, but it didn't. I went over to my friend who was standing in the dining room and asked if he had seen it, too, and he had. Confused and amazed, I accepted the fact that my house has the spirit of a cat living in it. Well, "living". Since then, I have had no direct viewings of it like that one night.

I asked my mom about it and I described the cat to her. It turns out that it was my dad's first cat, Fritz. My dad lived in this house when he was growing up, moved out for a while, got married, then bought the house from his parents who moved to Florida. My mom also said that Fritz would often follow people around, which would explain the footsteps I hear when going down the stairs.

Still to this day, I hear Fritz following me down the stairs. Not as frequently as I used to, but he still shows up every now and again.

I ran across your website and thought I would share my spirit story with you.

I was about 8 years old and I had woken up really early (about 5 in the morning.) Me being young I was pretty scared at this time because my room was completely dark. Once I was brave enough to actually take my head out from under the covers I noticed that there was an old woman sitting in my chair looking at me and smiling. Instead of getting scared I felt comforted. I felt safe, the kind of safe you feel when you snuggle up to a loved one late at night. She stayed there till I feel asleep, when I woke up later she was gone. I told my mother about the experience and she told me to describe the woman. After I told her how she looked and the way I felt she showed me pictures of her mother (whom I have never had the chance to meet in person since she died before I was born.) She was the woman I saw that night. To this day every once and a while I will get that same feeling of comfort and I just know she is there.
When I was little I was walking down this old dirt road from my grandma's house with my brother and I started to see something glowing with the light of the sun out of the corner of my eye and it attracted my attention so I turned my head to see what it was.

It was a woman wearing a Greek-like dress and her hair was floating around her head. I looked behind me to see if my brother saw this too and he was nowhere to be found. I looked back and she was gone. I don't really know if I really saw anything but I believe I did.
I saw your section saying "Have you ever seen a spirit?" And figured I would send you my story of my very first experiences with a ghost. Three to be exact.

I recently turned 17 years old and have been Wiccan for four years. But this story happened to me six years ago while I was studying my Wiccan books. I lived in Florida at the time because my family traveled, my step-dad is military. One afternoon I was sitting in my living room reading a book and writing in my journal. It was quiet because my older sister was in her room, my baby sister was asleep, my little brother was in the backyard, my twin sister was on the computer, and my step-dad was at work. My mother's whereabouts? I never knew. No one did because she was never home. But this is a story about ghosts.

As I continued reading my book, while sitting on the sofa, I saw someone standing on the other side of the counter in the kitchen. Someone very white, not albino white, whiter than that. I looked up quickly but no one was to be found. Being a little freaked out I decided to go to my room but on my way there I needed to use the restroom. Ha ha. On my way out of the bathroom I took a quick glimpse in the mirror and saw the figure I had seen in the kitchen. However, there were three this time. I screamed and turned around swinging my fist forward - something I learned in boxing. But when I turned around, yet again no one was there. The figures, ghosts I assume, looked like three tall, thin, bald men who were the strangest-color white ever, and they were wearing robes. They had no faces, just smoothed out surface all white. And they stood so close to each other that their shoulders touched and looked almost linked.

A week after that my older sister, who by the way was very Goth, wanted to talk to me. She said she saw something in the house. Three white men. I never told anyone about the day in the bathroom so I knew I was not crazy once she told me she saw them too. But that was the last time I saw those three ghosts. We moved out not long after because of my step-dads work. This was my first encounter with a ghost(s).

Love your site by the way.

I have seen spirits before. When I was little was the first time. The one that startled me was when I lived in Ohio and the house I lived in was like 100 years old. One afternoon I was waking from my nap and I happened to look toward my door. I saw a young woman and a young guy standing there. The lady was dressed in a dress that was old; and the gentlemen wore a suit. The colors of the dress were dull. They had a green aura around them one line it was murky in color. They just stood there looking at me. I woke my fianc?to tell him but he couldn't see them they were gone after that; I never saw them again. I really wish I could have figured out who they were and what they wanted. I live in an apartment and the first day that I moved in there I saw an apparition of a lady. I pretty much see it a lot. I have gotten used to the fact that it's there. I feel like it comforts me; especially when I am ill or I am in any kind of pain. That's when I see it the most. I have tried to figure out who it is and why it's there but I haven't got anywhere. I sometimes get afraid especially at night when I can see it the most. I usually feel them more than I see them but now I can do both.

Hey Starwitch,

I just started to go to your website, and I saw that you love to read about people's experiences. I have one from when I was probably five. My family lived in a older home, it was built the same year my whole town was built. Anyway, I lived in the attic bedroom. I had the whole top floor all to myself. It was awesome. But anytime my stepfather was at work or gone for the night I got a visitor. It was a man, and that is all I really remember about him. My mom reminded me one day that one time in the middle of the night I came downstairs screaming '' He stole my unicorn.''

When we later moved out of the house, because of my mom being pregnant not because of being freaked out, my step dad found my unicorn under my toy chest. This chest was about 60 pounds with nothing in it, so there was no way that a little girl could lift that thing up. I have to tell you this part... When my mom reminded me I got a vision of a shadow figure, a grown man with a cowboy hat on. The one last thing was, when I took a bath and played with my toys I would get this eerie feeling and call my mom for help. We all felt a presence of some sort in that house. Before we moved we had one last party and my friend's older brother and I got into an attic closet-type thing. We found these little stuffed animals and we all took one (me, my friend, and her brother) and I still have mine to this day. I have misplaced it but, the reason I kept it was because I feel a connection to it. I wanted to ask you for some kind of spell to kind of jar those memories of him back. I want to see that connection again. Just to have those memories back but also to see if there is a past connection to this spirit. So if you can think of anything to help me can you please tell me.

Thank you- Rhiannon
I have seen a spirit. It was once when I was 10 I was going about my business, it was at night and then I looked upon my doorway I saw what appeared to be a man. It was shadow-like so I couldn't see his face, but I knew he was male because of his outline. Then as it was coming in it vanished without a trace. My parents said I was dreaming but I know I was not sleeping I was wide awake.

When I was little, I remember waking up one night and there was a man there. He looked like a Victorian Gentleman, long coat, top hat and a cane. He also had a small dog with him. I asked him who he was, but he didn't answer, his dog was running around the room jumping on everything. He then smiled, bowed, then turned around and walked through the wall.

Another time when I was older, I went to stay at my grandmother's house. I was sleeping in the old study, when around midnight, I started to hear men talking about what they were going to do next. I thought that my sister had left the TV on so I got up to look, there were no TV's or radios on. I went to her room and she was asleep. I found that if I went away from the room the voices stopped. Finally I went back, I could still hear them. It sounded a lot like generals trying to figure out how to proceed in the battle. They made the decision to attack first, then I heard drums, like the beat into war. The voices then started saying, "They're coming, they're coming, it's too late. Get ready gents, tonight is our night." The last thing I heard was the sound of swords. The next day I told my grandma what I'd heard, and she told me that in the fields around the house was where a battle had taken place. I still think that it was the soldiers from that battle talking.

Hi there,

My name is Kara, and I was just browsing and I saw your offer to tell you about my experiences with spirit sightings. Well I'll start by telling you that I've seen him more than once, and that I don't think his intentions are to hurt me, but sometimes it does get a bit freaky. See I've lived in my house now for six years, and the first time I saw him I was asleep and all of a sudden my cat started hissing at something and I looked up to see a man standing over my bed, just staring at me. I'm nearly 16 now but at the time I was 10 and it really freaked me out. Since then I have not stayed in the same room, and like every couple of months there will be a really cold spot that smells musky in a certain part of the house.

I've woken many times to see this man standing around my bed, and my pets also sense when he's around, as do I. It's like I get this feeling and I know he's there. Once a friend and I did a since and the spirit claimed to be the one living in my house. It knew everything about me. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, because I'm aware that many spirits who you contact through spirit boards are untrustworthy. But yeah, I'm not as scared of the spirit anymore, it's like I've gained a familiarity with him, and I don't know how but I feel like he's been with me through my life. I just remember and have also been told that I used to always wake up in the middle of the night in different houses and claim to have seen a man dressed in all black. This matches the man I see now. And I'm also not the only one who has seen him, or heard him for that matter. Sometimes late at night you will hear footsteps running around the lounge room and my parents will get up to see what it is but there will be nothing there. And once, my sister's stereo automatically switched on full blast at 3.00 am and then when she got up to turn it off just as she got back into bed it turned on again, then when she and my mum unplugged it it came on a third time and just as it did the lights started flashing, but as soon as the lights stopped flashing the stereo switched off.

I'd like to know what he wants, and I'm moving in three weeks. I don't know why but it doesn't feel right just leaving him. Also, it seems that 90% of the time he makes himself noticeable it's around me, and I'm not sure if this is connected but I've always been very superstitious and my nan had a gift that she could see spirits, and she used to always help them. I'm wondering if I have inherited that gift too but just haven't fully unlocked it yet?

Anyway, thank you for reading.

Kara Flower.
One day I came to school, my friend was sort of freaked out, and she told me of her encounter with a ghost.
She had been doing her homework and went to get a Coke from the fridge. She searched thoroughly throughout the fridge and turned around to look in the cabinets to see if there was a big bottle of it, but she left the fridge door open.

Next thing she knew a coke rolled off the bottom shelf. She said she had shrugged and said "Thanks whoever gave this to me" and finished her homework. She went to put the Coke in her backpack and found a note (she brought the note to school) that said "My name is Emily, and you're welcome."

We shrugged it off at school, me telling her it was probably her brother. But the next day she came to me and told me she saw a girl, in a nightgown, with long goldenish colored hair. There were colors to 'Emily' but they were very faded now. She said Emily had been a decent looking girl. Emily told her of her suicide that night. My friend told me that she stopped seeing and hearing from her.

Then came her sleepover party. I remember it clearly. During the night I had gone into another room to sleep, and next thing I know there was screaming (by my friends, not the ghost.) Apparently a light blue balloon had been punched into their room. At first they thought it was me, because they heard a hand hit the balloon....
My name is Britney Guerrero and I have spirits with non-finished business living with my family and me. Every house we have lived in we have had more than one spirit there either trying to kill us or wanting our help and/or companionship. My mother has had evil spirits try to kill her in broad daylight when she was just a little girl. They tried to shut her head in the kitchen cupboard doors but thankfully she was too short. My dad has seen a glimpse of the Devil when he was a boy and that resulted in the death of his uncle the next day. My brother and I have been thrown from where we are standing, sitting and/or laying by an unseen force. We believe that some spirits can get attached to a human and follow them from house to house in which they move too.

Now I have had friends from the spirit world since I was about one or two years old. I was always running around with an invisible friend that only I could see, but my mom could feel the presence of.

Most of these spirits had tried to kill us throughout our lives but none were too damaging. I think the worst was when I was about seven years old, I went to put a blanket in the washer and I saw an Indian chief come running at me holding a hatchet and I could actually feel the blows and cuts of the hatchet as if it really was making me bleed. I went into a state of shock and screamed so loud that my mom came out to see what was wrong. She found me on the ground kicking and screaming at what seemed like nothing and yet I really was bleeding profusely. So she ran next door to get my grandma and ran me to the hospital since she had a faster car. I had blacked out halfway there and my mom said the doctor couldn't find anything really wrong since they didn't find me "crazy". They just said that I was going through a stage in my life and that I didn't need to worry about it. And yet I had cuts and a few gashes all over my body to show that something had attacked me.

I know there are good/bad spirits in this world, and some things just need dealing with. If you know of a way in which my family and I can keep certain ones away when the Bible doesn't work, please let me know. We would greatly appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,
Britney Guerrero
Hello and thank you for letting me share my story!

When I was about 11 or 12 I was laying in my bed slowly dowsing off. My door was open and I could see my sister's room, my brother's room, and the living room. All was quiet, my parents were downstairs watching TV, my siblings were asleep. I was staring at the hallway from my brother and sister's rooms to the living room when a man walked out of my older sister's room. The man was all black but with a white and blue glow around him. I blinked my eyes a couple of times but the man didn't disappear he just walked into the living room. I slipped out of bed and tip-toed into the living room to find it empty.

The next morning my sister said she had a dream about a man in glowing light. I have never told anyone that story before in my life.

Thank you and have a magic day!

Hi Starwitch,

When I was surfing the net I saw your site. I have a question. Since the time I was a child I have been able to feel ghosts. Like when I was left in my room when I was six or seven, I felt someone was with me and it was a woman in black with long black hair. She sang a song that I didn't know and I fell asleep. The ghost seems to come to me but I don't know why.

Then when I turned thirteen or fourteen I met a friend who is a witch and she said that ghosts seemed to come to me but she didn't say why. I joined their coven, but my friend didn't have time to teach me anything and I lost contact with her and the coven.

Now I live in America and the ghost still keeps coming to me. I also had a very scary encounter with a poltergeist and at night I always feel that someone is in my room. One time I had a very weird dream that felt real. I didn't know what it means.

So my question is, do you know why the ghost kept coming to me and I keep having weird experiences and dreams? Thank you in advance.

I have seen and talked to a spirit. I cant remember their name but I could hear them as clear as day. They really wanted to talk to me because they locked me into the bathroom until I did talk


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