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Incantation for Kitchen Witchcraft

Ariana by Katt Amaral - Incantation for Kitchen Witchcraft
"Ariana" by Design by Katt

Simple Kitchen Witchcraft Chant

by Xiao Rong

An incantation to induce comfort, contentment, refreshment, friendship, and love in any food you make, even if it's just a weekday dinner.

Chant this while stirring sunwise (clockwise), and thinking of the people you love and how you hope your food will nourish and heal them:

Deosil 'round the cauldron go
Goddess, let my powers flow,
Weave my magic 'round this hearth,
Fire, water, air and earth.
Thank the Lady for her gifts;
With these, tired spirits lift.
Ease our pain and mend our strife,
Nourish and renew our life.
Friends who tarry, may they find
Rest in body, peace of mind.
Let this be my healing spell,
Goddess willing, keep us well.
So mote it be!

You are welcome to print this spell or copy it into your Book of Shadows for non-commercial purposes, so long as you attribute it to Xiao Rong. This spell is not to be published on any other website.

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