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Jamie Martinez Wood

Flavia by Elena Dudina

Jamie Martinez Wood is the author of several witchcraft books. She has generously contributed her own spells, recipes, and rituals to Everything Under the Moon. If you would like to visit Jamie's site, her link is:  Jamie Martinez Wood.

Jamie was kind enough to send me a copy of her book, "The Teen Spell Book," which is where some of the spells below are taken from. You can purchase any of Jamie's books by visiting her store. Her website is very good and I would recommend reading through it if you get a chance. She is a very smart witch. :)

Thank you, Jamie, for sending these spells over. Your work is unique and I appreciate your motivation to teach others the craft.

Jamie's Spells & Recipes

Help a Friend in Pain
Rose Geranium Hand Salve (Healing Spell)
Spell to Get Rid of Jealousy

Questions and Answers by Jamie

The Four Elements/Directions and Ritual Tools
Christian Witchcraft/Should I Write My Own Spells?


Jamie Martinez Wood is a teacher and the author of eight books on empowerment, magic, earth spirituality, and Latino culture. A firm believer in the power of writing, Jamie has kept a diary since she was eleven years old, and she still has that first one. Her passion is to provide support and encouragement to young women on their life’s journey. She teaches workshops, leads retreats, and gives performances on personal power, seasonal living, the faerie essence of herbs and ritual ceremony. She conducts classroom visits and assemblies on writing, publishing, and self-esteem. Visit her at www.JamieMartinezWood.com.

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