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Good Luck Spell

You need:

It's best to perform this one while the moon is waxing.

Light the candle that represents yourself and say:

"This is me, me in all things"

Light the black candle and say:

"This is all the bad luck that has dragged my footsteps. Trouble, disappointments and tears are here. This bad luck now leaves me forever."

Light the gray candle and say: "All that was bad is neutralized. All my bad luck is dissolved."

Light the orange candle and say:

"This is the energy coming my way, to get my life moving and speed up the change."

Sit quietly for a while and visualize the negative energies being whisked into the gray candle and dissolved into empty nothingness.

Visualize the orange candle drawing good energy and good luck towards you, see the air stirring about with possibilities and opportunities.

Let the candles burn down completely (take the usual safety precautions)

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