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Exercise to Attune to your Unborn Baby

Initially this exercise needs to be done in a safe place where you will be undisturbed for at least an hour. Once a connection is made, the exercise may be done anywhere, anytime. It is beneficial to use during times of stress for mother or for child or when you are in uncomfortable surroundings.

If you would like to do this exercise with a partner, choose one of you to lead the exercise with spoken directions or tape it to play back during meditation.

Make yourself comfortable. Take care of any bathroom or food needs ahead of time. Light some incense or candles. Cast a circle, or simply call in the Spiritkeepers of the directions, if you feel more comfortable this way. Take a deep breath and relax. Count yourself down from ten to one, stopping periodically to remind yourself to take a deep breath and go deeper.

Visualize a bubble forming just before your face. Blow all your fears, stresses, irritations, any negative energies you may be carrying around into this bubble. Watch the bubble grow and begin to rise. Blow the last of these energies into the bubble and watch as it flies off toward the sun, carrying these things away from you. Feel very centered and relaxed.

Feel the energy of the Earth, flowing up through the soles of your feet, or the base of your spine if you are seated on the floor. Feel this light and visualize it filling you completely. It flows out the pores and your eyes and out through the top of your head.

Become aware of the energy of the universe flowing into you through the top of your head and filling your body. Feel and visualize this light filling you completely. It flows out your pores and your eyes and down through the soles of your feet or the base of your spine.

Visualize and feel these energies flowing through you at the same time. See them as balanced and centering you. You are energized and revitalized.

Now turn your attention to your womb. Be aware of any sensations or images that come to mind. Send a gentle stream of love and peacefulness to the child within your. Visualize an image of you, smiling and happy with this child in your life.

If you are practicing with a partner, both of you should visualize the same images together. Follow the image of mother with an image of the partner.

As you progress with this exercise, and as your pregnancy progresses, you may choose to use this exercise to introduce your child to the rest of your family. They do not need to be present, only in your mental images. You may also use this exercise to learn more about your child, by being very aware of images or thoughts and by asking questions. Feel free to experiment and discover what works best for you.

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