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Free Witchcraft & Wicca Spells

Witchcraft spells work by a scientific application of magical formulas and rituals. The spells given on this site are to be used at your own discretion.

Spells are colored by the intention of the spell caster. A basically white magic spell can be tainted by its use with a less than pure intention. So it is always best to focus our intention as much as possible upon the greater good in all magical work.

May the Goddess be your guide!


Use the index below to go to each section, or you can scroll through this page (page two) and the first page to see all of the spells. You may also search for a specific topic through the Google site search. The black headings below are actually links that go to that section.

Animals and Pets
Beauty and Glamour
Binding Spells
Car and Travel Spells
Charge of the God/dess
Charm Bags
Cleansing Spells
Curse Removal
Dream Magick & Sleep
Emotional Well-Being
Finding Lost Things
Friendship Spells
Healing Rituals
Honoring the Deceased
How-to Articles
Invisibility Spells
Job Spells

Love Spells
Luck Spells
Money Spells
Multi-Purpose Spells
Pregnancy - Fertility
Protection - Banishing
Psychic/Spiritual Spells
Rituals and Prayers
School Spells
Spirits and Ghosts
Weather Spells
Weight Loss Spells
Wiccan Rituals
Wish Spells
Jamie Martinez Wood
Spells by Chleo

Gypsy Firefly by Aimee Stewart
Gypsy Firefly by Aimee Stewart

Luck Spells

Good Luck Charm Bag
Good Luck Herb Jar
Luck Spell
Good Luck Spell

Witchcraft and Wiccan Rituals and Prayers

Casting a Circle
Charging an Item
Consecrate an Object

Car and Travel Spells

Spell to Clear a Traffic Jam
Spell to Find your Parked Car
Spell to Find a Parking Space
Car Protection Amulet
Travel Protection Spell
Travel Protection Spell 2
Spell To Protect Your Car

Spell to Protect Your Car from Thieves
Spell to Protect Your Car from Accidents
Holly Driving Protection Charm
Dragon Charm of Protection
Car Blessing
Italian Car Charm
Anti-Accident Spell for the Car

Love Spells

Easy Love Spell
Lucky in Love Spell
Desire Oil
Romance Magnet
To Capture His Heart
To Be Showered By Gifts
Jar Love Spell
Binding Love Spell
Lavender Candle Love Spell
Wishing 4 Love Spell
Good Luck Love Charm
To Draw Romantic Attention Leading To Marriage
Valentine's Day Card Spell
Good Deed Love Spell
The Witch Bottle Love Spell
Candle Spell for a Passionate Love

More Free Love Spells


Blessing of the Book of Shadows
Bless You
Native American Prayer

New Project Blessing
Computer Blessing
Pet Blessing
White Candle Spell for Blessing
Helping Mother Earth

Blessing for the Body

How-to Articles

How to Write Your Own Spells
Basic Spell Construction
Candle Spell Worksheet
Create Moon Incense for Rituals
Daily Planetary Correspondences
Hourly Planetary Correspondences

Multi-Purpose Spells

Planetary Dedication Spell
Rainbow Candle Spell
The Spell of Nine Knots
Incense Spell to Reach any Goal
Mojo to Promote Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness

Binding Spells

Binding Spells for General Use
Quick Binding Spells
Spell to Bind a Person
To Bind a Spell
Binding a Person From Doing Harm
Spell to Bind off Harm
Jar Spell to Stop a Trouble Maker
Enemy Binding Spell
Protection Binding Spell

Weight Loss Spells

Candle Weight Loss Spell
Mirror Weight Loss Spell

Spell to Lose Weight
Weight Loss Spell

Charge of the Goddess

The Charge of the God
The Charge of the Goddess
The Charge of the Crone
Invocation of the Dark Goddess

Friendship Spells

Spell to Find a New Friend
Friendship Candle Spell - Make New Friends
Spell to Help a Friend
Helping a Friend Make a Decision
Spell to Make Friends Fast
Mending a Friendship
Saying Goodbye to a Friend
How to Attract a New Friend
Help a Friend in Pain
Spell to Get Rid of Jealousy

Dream Magick - Sleeping Spells

Dream Magick (send a message)
Spell for Prophetic Dreams

Dream of Deceased Loved One
Spell to Stop Nightmares
Peaceful Sleep Spell
Prophetic Dreams Spell
Spell to Dream of the Future
Spell to Aid Sleep
Candle Sleep Spell
Dream Pillow Spell

Animals and Pets

Spell to Find a Lost Pet Using Tarot
Protective Blessing for Cats
Protective Blessing for Dogs
Pet Protection Spell
Spell for Shelter Animals
Spell for Healing a Pet

Job Spells

Job Spell 1
Job Spell 2
Luck Spell for Business or Job
Good Luck / Job Oil
Wash/Spell to Draw Business
Spell To Get a Job
Job/Career Spell
Candle Spell to Get a Job
Spell to Find a Job
Employment Spell
Spell to Start Your Own Business
Spell to Shine at a Job Interview
Job Search Incense
Easy Salt Job Spell
Spell to Attract New Customers - 1
Spell to Attract New Customers - 2
Spell to Attract New Customers - 3
Spell to Ward Off Bad or Evil Coworkers
Spell to Get a Job
Spell to Bring You What You Need
The 7 Day Luck Spell
Cairn Magick Wish Spell
Charm/Spell to Secure Employment
Success Spell
Job Interview Charm Bag Spell
Spell for Success in a Job Interview
Spell to Win a Job
Job Promotion Spell
Herbal Sachet Success Spell
Knot Spell for Work
Secure a Job Spell
Charm Bag for Employment


Blue Dream by Ali Jalali

Emotional Well-Being Spells

Positive Mental Health Spell
Happiness Spell

Anti-Anxiety Spell/Chant
Anxiety Tea
Vanilla Anti-Anxiety Spell
Spell to Get Rid of Negative Energy
Banishing Grief Spell
Calming Chant
Get Rid of Anger Spell
Spell to Know the Child Within
Calming Spell

Psychic/Spiritual Spells and Rituals

Increase Psychic Visions
Increase Spiritual Awareness
Tarot Spell to Increase Psychic Visions
Psychic Herb Jar
Spell To Remember A Past Life
Third Eye Ritual
Psychic Spell

Rosemary Divination Spell
Hair Divination Spell
Water Divination Spell
Spell for Sight or Insight
Spell to Develop Psychic Powers

Levitation Spell
Telekinesis Spell
Cauldron Prophecy
Psychic Protection Spell
Traffic Lights Spell
Psychic Attack
How to See Auras
Spell to Strengthen Your Psychic Shield
Third Eye Rite to Improve Psychic Powers
Spell to Learn the Truth
Prophetic Dreams Spell
Spell for Improved Memory/Concentration
Cloud Vaporization Exercise
Vision Spell
Spell to Switch Talents
Ritual of Oneness
Energy Balls Exercise
Spell to Dream of the Future
Psychic Sight Spell
To Communicate with an Absent Partner
Vision Quest for Past Lives
Astral Travel Spell
Thoughtforms and Spirits
Astral Projection Techniques

Cleansing Spells

Pre-Ritual Cleansing Bath
Cleansing Negativity from your Home

Cleansing Your Aura
Incantation for Kitchen Witchcraft

Spirits and Ghosts

Dream of Deceased Loved One
Spell to Rid Oneself of a Bothersome Spirit
Honor Your Household Spirits
To Free a House from a Haunting
To Banish an Unwelcome Entity
Spell to Trap an Evil Spirit
A Spell to See Spirits
Spell to Contact Your Spirit Guide
Spell to Conjure Spirits

Weather Spells

Spell to Halt a Storm
Snow Day Spell
Spell for Protection in Snow
Spell to Bring Rain (1)
Rain Spell (2)
Rain Spell (3)
Sunny Day Spell
Spell to Bring a Storm
Sunshine Spell

Silly Spells

Spell to Enlarge Your Weiner
Spell to Change Your Eye Color
Eye Color Changing Spell 2
Levitation Spell

Invisibility Spells

Invisibility Spell (Powder)
Invisibility Spell (Visualization)
Invisibility from a Teacher
Spell to Make you Invisible
Chameleon Spell for Invisibility
Invocation of Invisibility

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