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Spring - The Time to Blossom

Spiritual artwork
Gaia's Song by Kirk Reinert

Reiki can help you direct your energy to achieve your dreams and see them blossom into fruition.

Spring is here and is welcomed with open arms! The warmth is upon us and we can feel the energy speeding up and sparking renewed life into the rabbits, squirrels, birds, trees, flowers and grass. Very soon everything will be luscious green along with a huge variety of colors accenting the landscape with flowers reaching for the sky. As this happens, we can reach for the sky, too. Open your windows to clear out your indoor space and bring in the fresh spring energy. Allow the spark of the new season to inspire you to go that extra step for your dreams and desires.

Reiki can help you focus on what you want and desire. It can also help give you the drive and energy to accomplish your dream. Write on a piece of paper or in a journal a few goals you want to achieve. Then take fifteen minutes each day to quiet yourself and give yourself a Reiki treatment. This will allow you to focus your thoughts and energy within yourself and therefore focus on your goals to keep them in the forefront of your mind. Reiki helps us to recognize our power and to have the courage to take the steps toward what we want.

It is spring and the perfect time to burst forth and blossom into the majestic, beautiful, colorful being that you are for the whole universe to enjoy and behold!

Go In Love And Peace and Love and Peace Will Come To You!
Positive Blessings,

About the Author:
Christine has studied Mind-Body-Spirit for over 20 years. Her mission is to help you own your power in order to live the life you desire.

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