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Reiki With Trust

My Business, My Lesson
by Anna Rosa

When I first conceived the idea of offering distance healing via a website, I became very excited. I knew that by using the World Wide Web, I would be able to facilitate the healing of many more individuals and situations than I could by local word-of-mouth. The path of creating the website was fraught with challenge. At that time, no other site was offering this service. The general public was unaware that Reiki energy could be directed from a distance. One challenge was creating a proper title for the site. I realized that people would need to "trust" that I would indeed follow through and actually send them the Reiki energy for the contracted number of days, hence the name "Reiki With Trust."

During the year it took in the creation of the site, I came to realize that the word "trust" had multiple layers of application to what I was trying to create. The recipient of the distance Reiki energy also had to "trust" the Reiki energy. This means that the recipient had to understand that the Reiki energy I channeled would be sent to the "highest and best". As much as my ego wanted to have the Reiki remove a client's source of pain, I had to continuously remind myself that the recipient's soul was the healer, and neither I, nor the client's conscious mind, would know what their "highest and best" would be. Without this intention for the "highest and best," lessons that needed to be learned in this lifetime might be avoided. By avoiding the lessons of one's path, they are bound to return with a vengeance.

To help me combat my ego need to want to specify precisely what the Reiki was to do, I recall an article I read a long time ago. It was about a Reiki Master whose friend was suffering from cancer. The friend was about to receive chemotherapy and was very concerned about the impending loss of hair. Her request to the Reiki Master was to direct the energy to preserving her hair. The Reiki Master knew the dangers of second guessing the intentions of spirit. She sent the Reiki energy to the friend's "highest and best". After her friend had received the chemotherapy, she did lose her hair as expected. In her friend's quest to purchase a wig, it just so happened that the salesperson at the wig store knew of natural cancer remedies. These remedies did lead to a healing. I cannot remember the details of the healing, but I did learn the lesson of the story.

Two years ago I had a painful bone spur and serious joint damage to my left foot. The surgery that followed not only removed the bone spur, but also removed a section of my big toe bone. I had faithfully sent Reiki to the future events surrounding the surgery. The surgery went well. I had minimal pain, and the healing was atypically fast. After my post-op visit, the surgeon admitted that I had the most excruciatingly painful surgical procedure he performs. I was tickled to realize the power of Reiki worked for me as well. Two years later, I started to have significant pain under the ball of my driving foot. I frequently gave my hurting foot Reiki treatments. From my extensive experience of successfully channeling Reiki energy to cancer patients and other seriously ill recipients, I knew that a little bone problem should be a piece of cake to heal. My assumption was that I had another bone spur. I directed Reiki to this foot problem just about every day. There was no change! How could this be? I have witnessed Reiki perform much greater healings! What followed was a plunge into doubt. I doubted myself and gave little credence to the many healing I had facilitated. I felt like a Reiki failure. I made the decision to have the surgery during the summer. I am a teacher, thus the summer decision for the surgery. I had far too few sick days to spend on this foot. My retirement medical benefits are tied to the number of remaining sick days. It would have been unwise to have the surgery performed during the school year. A second problem would have been transportation to my school. Not one other teacher was conveniently located near my home.

Then, it happened. I just snapped one day and was absolutely driven to have the surgery the week prior to my February vacation. I had less than two weeks to make a multitude of arrangements. I insisted on reserving the surgery date prior to the actual appointment with my foot doctor. I was happy to have found a teacher substitute who had a degree in Biology. I began running off the reams of papers the substitute would need for the students' lessons. I found two colleagues who would go greatly out of their way to pick me up and drive me to school. I was learning how to ask for help. As I found myself in this fury of activity, I kept asking myself "why?" It appeared that my decision was terribly illogical. Yet, I just had to do it NOW.

After many phone calls, the day for the meeting with the podiatrist arrived. I felt as if I was going to my death. As I sat in the over-crowded and uncomfortably hot waiting room for over two hours, I kept wondering, "why am I doing this?" The meeting with the doctor revealed all. His attention went immediately to a mole I had under my foot. I have had it my entire life. He insisted that it be removed as soon as possible. As it turns out, moles in areas that take punishment are very prone to becoming a melanoma. I would have never noticed a change in its appearance. The actual bone pain was due to the loss of padding under a tiny bone, in addition to inflamed ligaments. An injection was all that was needed. I left the office delightfully relieved.

I know that everything happens for a reason. I am glad I have learned to trust powerful drives to do some normally illogical and seemingly stupid actions. I was willing to take a huge risk. Now the lesson. If the Reiki had healed my foot pain, I would have had no need to see the doctor. I know, in the deepest recess of my being, that my lifetime conversation piece, my mole, was about to turn into a life-altering nightmare. It is clear that I should have trusted the Reiki. Even when it seemed that the Reiki energy was not working, it certainly was, for the "highest and best".

About the author:
Anna Pizzoferrato is a certified Reiki Usui , Karuna and Shamballa Master/Teacher. Her passion and specialty is Reiki Distance Energy Healing. Visit Reiki With Trust for more.

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