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Sri Krishna

Reconciliation spell

Post by Sri Krishna »

Hello. I need some help from anyone who would give it. I said in my introduction, that I actually came here in the need of your help and now I'm ready to tell you my situation.

My problem was last October I met a really nice woman. I don't wish to get too detailed for personal reasons or want to tell you a story you may of heard many times already before. But what is really important is that she really was a kind and loving soul. In our time together there was never fighting or suspicion of any kind. She had nothing but love and kindness in her and we got along really well. Shes also a fun person too and likes all sorts of cool things that I like. This was an online relationship but a rather satisfactory one.

Towards early January/Decmber though we started talking about visting and moving in. Then I considered the reality of the situation. The thing is I'm poor and don't have or make much money and I don't think I could properly support her or take of her really good. And I felt If can't do this then I have no right getting involved any deeper. I told her about this but she said we could still make it.

The thing is I never took her advice. I didn't have the heart to properly break up with her, I still didn't want to. Instead I grew distant and didn't talk to her as much or come on as often. I just figured she would grow disinterested. And it turned out thats exactly what happened. I came to regret this choice of mine now. Thats my sin. You can judge me poorly for that which is true but if you can and still feel like helping me, please do. Also In that short time she ended up with another person. To the extent where she even visited him. Which really puts my spirits at a very low. (They were friends before so at least it wasn't entirely random)

I'm 24 and I never actually had a real relationship to this extent before and in all actuality had my heart set to be single and live the hobbits life before I met her. She found me actually. What it all comes down is I've realized this she really was a very good and caring person (and fun and interesting too) and I think I made a real serious blunder.

I found this site because I was looking for love spells. And when I saw this forum I thought that here I could meet some people who really know what to do. There are so many different sites out there about love spells and don't really know what to pick or choose. I don't trust them all. Some look a little too forceful for me where as others seemed to require unusual materials that I have no idea how to get. So I'm not sure what is a good spell to pick. My only magical experience in my life is very occasionally using the Elder Futhark runes and even then I'm not very adept at it.

I liked something called the Reconciliation spell but I want to know a few things first and if there are other versions or types. First and most definate. I DO NOT WANT A SPELL OF FORCE. I don't want to warp or alter her mind/spirit or do anything that changes her from what she really is.

See I wrote a letter to her expressing how I really feel and sent it to her last night and it seems based on what she said afterwards that she does feel there is much to think about. I asked her too to look deeply within herself over this for about a week and see what she really thinks and feels. She agreed. I get the sense that if it wasn't for the fact that she is with someone now, we would be together. This other relationship seems to be the main problem.

Thats actually why I waited till now before asking for the help. I think it could be at its most effective right now. I only want to use something that will intensify the enegry that is already there. Help her recover and remember very strongly how she felt before as if it were happening again It is an influence, I know. But it would still be because its something she wants. I think there actually is natural potenial here. So I think the spell could put the final needed touches on it and act as an assurance. That and I really do care about her and love her too. As I said I do not want force however I do want a spell of the nature I just descibed that works at the highest potency possible.

I'm also interested in something called the bind love spell although I would prefer if it was called the bond love spell and acted more as a deep bond. But the idea something that can help keep us together no matter what sounds really appealing. Maybe I should use this or something like it after we get back together. Thats what I want basically if anyone here can help me with something like that. Tell me which spell and how to do the spell and if I do need materials tell me where I can pick them up. Also I would prefer if it were a spell I can do within a weeks time from last night rather they wait for a particular moon phase. Its only because I think right now is the time to go. I would appreciate your help more then you can realize.


Post by LostMuse »

i am somewhat reluctant to answer this, but here goes...

i think it was a good move that you wrote a letter and told her how you felt. you are trying to correct a mistake you think you made and that's very admirable. this, i think, is more powerful an action than any spell you can do.

the problem comes in when you mention she has another relationship now. for her own personal growth, and for the sake of the other person, in my opinion it is not right for you to attempt to interfere in this. something to make her remember how it was, i don't think, is necessary. if you are/were important to her, she will do that on her own, of her own free will. think of this other person who is involved - where is his choice in this if you cast to affect her emotions? he has none, and that's not only unfair, it could result in some unforeseen karmic response for you. you remove not only her choice but his as well.

as for a binding spell, the ones i know of are to bind someone so they will not harm you (or for whomever the spell is done). for creating a strong bond between lovers, the best results will be obtained if you DO THE WORK ON THE RELATIONSHIP. spells cannot do this for you. oh true, you can "make" a person stay with you using magick, but why would you want to? again, this removes their right of choice. it wouldn't be a relationship based on trust and mutual caring. magick used in this way is manipulative. there are spells to bring people closer and such but these are for relationships where there is already a strong bond.

trust in yourself that your heartfelt words will touch her. that's all you really need to do.


Sri Krishna

Post by Sri Krishna »

First I want to apologize for that ridicously long post about my personal stuff. I promise not to make a habbit of that. And I say this because although I joined because I wanted help on this matter, I really do like this board for what it is and the kind of topics that go on here and intend to stay here for a very long time. Obviously you know I'm just not at my best right now.

I thank you for reading my topic and for responding to it. However I have to admit it does kind of leave me feeling a little bit hopeless. I know what you say is right and I actually have thought of him and how he would feel. But I just shrugged it off because I love her. I don't want to hurt anyone but I don't want to loose her just because of some guy I (well in this case in particular) don't care about. I'd almost say I be willing to pay the karmic price for it. But I know I shouldn't.

The letter did seem to have an effect and there has been more a little more talking between us lately but so far nothing said of changes. The issue of that hasn't been brought up since we last spoke of it Tuesday night. I figured by the spell only intensifying things that it would not be the same as manipulation in the sense of control or force but only influence. But I guess technically it still would be the samething. Is there really then no spell I could preform to increase the odds of reuniting? I do want it to be of her free will.

Also my intention behind the binding spell was only after we got together and that it would make our bond stronger and keep it secure based on something that is already there. As far as doing work of relationship is concerned it is my intention to take very good care of her in every way I can.

I'm just afraid that my own heartfelt words won't be enough alone. I sort of wish I could merge minds instead.

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Post by Sobek »

you know what i didnt want to respond yet here we are...

your issue is a very human one, why the hell do people always want to be with people who dont want them back. you may love her...good on you. times change people change and dwelling on things lost doesnt do anyone and damn good. she moved on by the sounds of things so in all honesty what is stopping you, love fades, love grows you need to give someone new a chance.

"Is there really then no spell I could preform to increase the odds of reuniting? I do want it to be of her free will."

it's a nice little thing called time and patience! if she wanted to do it of her own free will she will, no spell can create or control free will, the action alone removes free will from a perspective.

but i am also finding you too be quite selfish. the woman is human, you can't expect her to wait around while you get your shit together. cause and effect this is of your own doing. i dont mean to sound like an arsehole but we are.

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Post by Sercee »

Some really good points here.

I understand that you want her back. You've started well with the letter. If you want to do a spell to 'increase the odds of reuniting' it should be something on yourself to reinforce good habits and get rid of the old commitment issues you had (you say it was money, I don't think that's the root of the issue). If you bring out your better qualities and work on removing or controlling the less helpful ones then you'll be more attractive to her.

As Sobek says she's human too. If all you do is say 'I want I want' then you're not paying attention to her wants and needs. If you love her, you'll respect that. If you care about her then by default you care about her current guy just because she does... you want her to be happy, right? Or do you just want her to be happy with you?

Take your time. Regain her trust. Let the relationship she's currently in run its course. In the end that'll be healthier for everyone and there won't be any hard feelings. Then you'll be there for her if they do break up.

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