I Am Still Here

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I Am Still Here

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All those years have passed like leaves of each fall season
It's seems so distant yet so very near.. My life ended many decades ago..
Still yesterday that memory and time is close .
I have been with him since died in hospital as his soul departed
I was called in.. I forgot everything who I was it was such a turmoil and so troubling.
Yes being lost and not knowing if and why does make one cry.
I have been behind his eyes for many years reaching out in dreams
And seeing things of my past that calmed and comforted me so.
Now, fully awake of whom I was and part still am.
The awful feeling different and alone in one thoughts .
Is no longer so discomforting I am still here
Once again the door is open for me to see.
K.H 20

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Re: I Am Still Here

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