Doing spells on a charm?

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Doing spells on a charm?

Post by Ashetree »

Hello! Recently I bought this stone (i think) carved dragon charm from my shop where I normally get my supplies. I was wondering is there any certain way to go about putting a spell on the charm to protect the user or wearer of the charm?

Thank you !

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Re: Doing spells on a charm?

Post by SpiritTalker »

The usual way to cast a spell is to pull power on the breath to your belly, focus on only the results you want, and push from the gut outward through the hands to “cast the spell”. Incantations are optional. Rhyme helps memory, repetition helps focus.

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Re: Doing spells on a charm?

Post by corvidus »

Do you have a picture of the ‘stone’ charm? Or can you find out from one of your friends what it’s made of?

It’s definitely possible to put a charm on the stone, but it might be fun to consider the type of protection depending on the type of stone (jade to protect love, citrine to protect positive energy, amethyst to protect the spirit, etc).

Here’s a basic outline of how I would do it:

1. Cleanse the stone in running water or salt, beneath the waning moon.

2. Create a simple ritual involving the casting of circle, calling on your higher self or other spirits you work with, and also the Spirit of Nature to assist you in casting the charm. Also call upon the Spirit of the stone your working with (if you give the stone a name, that helps sometimes).

3. Connect with the protective energy source you’d like to channel into the stone.

4. Use SpiritTalker’s technique of bringing that energy into yourself by using the breath, then channel it out of your hands into the stone while visualizing colour, energy, frequency and vibration and chanting your “charm spell” (something simple like “I am protected from negative energy” should work). Also visualize the energy being absorbed by the stone.

5. After you’ve exhausted your patience (lol) or feel like the spell is finished, visualize the energy you set into the stone binding with the physical structure of the stone. This is an important step! It should help keep the charm working longer.

6. Close the ritual by thanking all the Spirits you’ve evoked to help you, thank the stone, thank Nature. Then close the circle and keep the charm on your alter when it’s not being used.

Hope this helps!!!

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