Met my Patron Goddess-- What Now?

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Met my Patron Goddess-- What Now?

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The other night I listened to a lucid dreaming hypnosis/meditation before going to bed. It was an incredibly amazing experience, but I was not expecting to meet a Patron because I am fairly new to the path and I've read that it usually comes much later, but let me give a brief summary of the experience:

After entering a state of hypnosis, I came into a clearing and met someone who I knew immediately was a deity, who introduced herself to me as "Alexandra", a goddess of nurturing and as a mother of many children who were not her own, wearing what I originally interpreted as a halo but now see was a crown. She introduced herself to me as a "spiritual guide" and praised me heavily for my creativity.

After waking I immediately began researching deities with the name "Alexandra" and learned that this was a Greek epithet for the goddess Hera. This was extremely surprising to me considering I do not consider myself to be very motherly, and confusing because she talked in depth about my creativity but is not a Goddess commonly associated with creativity or art. I have looked into ways to continue a connection with her and understand her correspondences, but am not sure how to continue forward with working with her on my development as a Wiccan/person. I am not entirely sure what she is here to teach me.

So: What am I to learn from Hera? Is it too soon for me to have a Patron, even though she came to me first? Does it make sense for my Patron to be a goddess of motherhood but not necessarily want children?

Please help!

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Re: Met my Patron Goddess-- What Now?

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You’d said she had introduced herself to you as a spiritual guide, so that’s what role she offers and the info she will provide. She will guide your spiritual development and spiritual path. In this way she will be a mother to you. Ask her what you most need to know at this time. Use the same procedure that you’d followed. Creativity is likeNed to fertility - when an artist creates he reproduces himself in his art. That’d be my take on it.

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