Memories Fade

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Memories Fade

Post by stormofwind »

Maybe as we get older some memories fade..
I ask why why seems my childhood been erased and walled up
Those memories I search for in my mind feel loften foreign to me
Are those memories I search for mine or someone elses..
My childhood was not perfect but nothing tragic of that kind nature..
Maybe my life began again when I moved into new house..
Or somebody took what pain kept inside me ..
Or that person I was is gone I suspected for many years
I just now realize it. a blessing in disguise.?
The only time when I can recall is music of that time.
small snippets like photos not more no less than that.
I rest with the thought I am meant be now.

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Re: Memories Fade

Post by Lord_of_Nightmares »

I like this poetry because something similar happened to me.

I dunno though. Starting in my late 20s. But I chalked it up to trauma because my childhood was super traumatic and so was my adulthood. So old trauma got replaced with nrw trauma. I also tend to think having seizures likewise created memory problems.
I am the Earth, The Sun and the Stars
And I am the also the Moon
I am all animal and birds,
And I am the outcast as well, and the thief
I am the low person of dreadful deeds,
And the great person of excellent deeds
I am Female. I am Male and I am Neuter.
- Devi

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