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I am new here, an Intuitive Empath, claircognizant, healer, White Witch and proud Viking. I do what I call for lack of a better term Spirit Work, and other miscellaneous spiritual endeavors. I am in Northern California, U.S.A. My kids, four of them, are grown, inherited (?) similar gifts, and I am retired from Law Enforcement. I am very open-minded, nonjudgmental, and love to discuss just about anything except feel free to message me any time and thank you for having me. Image
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Re: Freya

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Good morning, hi and welcome. Make yourself at home.

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Re: Freya

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Welcome Freya!
"People with a high tolerance for boredom can get a lot of thinking done." -Stephen King

“For every woman is at heart a witch.” -Charles Leland

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Re: Freya

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Welcome and hail
I am the Earth, The Sun and the Stars
And I am the also the Moon
I am all animal and birds,
And I am the outcast as well, and the thief
I am the low person of dreadful deeds,
And the great person of excellent deeds
I am Female. I am Male and I am Neuter.
- Devi

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Re: Freya

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Welcome back, come on in and get acquainted !
Are you familiar with Diana Paxon? She has some good books.
Blessings, Firebird

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