Odd dreams

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Odd dreams

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Hi! I hope someone is able to offer some advice or tips on how to go about this, but let me first explain my dreams.

Since about 8-9 years ago, I’ve been having dreams about someone who I feel a deep connection with and miss them to the point of crying when I wake up.
The dreams would start off insignificant, but the moment this person appears, I feel as if everything in the world makes sense. However, they never have the same face, age, or gender, sometimes I can’t even remember what they look like, just how they make me feel (safe, loved, complete). In one dream, they welcomed me home (a home I don’t recognize, but feel at home and with a crowd of strangers who I also feel that I loved and missed them) and told me how much they missed me. Another was of me sleeping over at their place, I could tell they did not have much in terms of finance and were struggling, but being with them made me happy and secure regardless. A few others was where I’d see them in passing and feel a strong longing and chase after them, only to wake up alone.

For almost 5 years I haven’t had these dreams, but over this weekend, I woke up to the same longing but no recollection of the dream or person. I just know that I miss them to the point that it’s all I can think of these two days. Thinking back, the dreams felt like a direct connection to them, now the dreams feel like a rope on its last string. I don’t want to lose them and I want to strengthen the connection I feel. Ultimately, I want to find them in this plane of reality, not just in my dreams.

What would you recommend? I’ve been practicing lucid dreaming more often and that might be why I was able to get another dream of them this time.
But how else should I go about it? I will be trying the soulmate dream spell tonight to hopefully meet them (though I don’t know if they are my soulmate).
How can I meet them again in my dreams and/or in person?

Let me know your thoughts!

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Re: Odd dreams

Post by SpiritTalker »

I have had a very similar soul-companion experience since I was 17, so 60 years as I’m now 67. It has always been illusive - always the gateway and never the bridge. I’ve relocated twice to follow what I had believed were clues. Each relocation failed to find The One physical being but instead guided me through spiritual growth instead. (Well, darn.) I’ve come to consider the companion as a self-fulfilling aspect of my higher self. But that’s just me. I hunger for the actual person and yet know if they were to manifest that their essential core Presence would be altered by physical existence. I can’t say if this is right or a matter of being what I can live with regarding the pressure in my chest.

The dream spell you mentioned seems as if it would be fruitful for astral plane meetings.

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