Who is this Reoccurring Character?

Discussion about out-of-body experiences (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and other sleep related phenomenon such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.
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Who is this Reoccurring Character?

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Hi everyone! I thought I'd share this because I recently recalled this and wanted to talk about what it could have been.

There was a summer where I was astral projecting a lot. It would happen when I woke up in the early hours of the morning. It might have just been due to an adjustment in my sleep schedule because it's been really hard to have experiences like this again.

Anyway, throughout my travels, I knew when I was in the astral realm because it felt different. The entire sensation of being was just so different. My feet on the ground felt different. It felt so free. I saw a lot of "characters" in my travels. Many of them are kind of blurry now. Most of these projections occurred in what seemed like a replica of my house. I even saw my older sister once, but I think it wasn't my older sister if that makes sense?

One of these characters was very different. His energy was ethereal. He was beautiful. I felt my breath taken away every time I saw him. The first few times it was only a brief glimpse, but after that his appearances became longer. There was a time when one of these other characters told me there was someone waiting for me and took me to another house where he was standing outside. We had conversations in my house before. I can't quite remember them, but I remember that his voice made me shake because it felt so other worldy and ethereal. I thought I heard it once while I was falling asleep.

The last time I saw him vividly, he took me into a green field and we sat in the greenest grass with the most sunshine I had ever seen. He took my hands, and he kept examining them as if he were intrigued. I even remember hugging him once. Sometimes when I feel lonely I try to channel that feeling because it was truly breathtaking.

I haven't had a vivid astral projection like this in a long time. I needed a break from my faith and this kind of thing for a while too, so for a year or so I really didn't think about it much or even remember him. I'm wondering who he could be? A spirit guide? A spirit? A god? And how can I open my heart to him again?

Have any of you had a similar experience?
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Re: Who is this Reoccurring Character?

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The clues are probably in what you'd talked about.
I can only guess. The dream in which he was at another house & not your own may suggest he's "not of your house" if it means anything at all. Our own house is like our "self", so says he's not a projection of yourself. A sunny field is a place filled with life-giving energy ... I'm just rambling.

How to open your heart? Think of an image of him standing within your heart-chakra; within you, looking out.

I've had lots of dreams with my spirit guide (no-glow).He may be disguised but his eyes are always his, & some patiently, long-suffering teaching figures that glowed. And I've had some assumed to be astral plane dreams where everything's glowing ... & my dream-self also glows & i moon-walk like Michael Jackson (keeps foot contact with the ground), then lift off in free flight. Love those.

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