2018 New Year candle burning Event

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Re: 2018 New Year candle burning Event

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My fiancée And I did participated in this together as well, we are from Oregon. and as I cast my circle and opened the doorway to walk into it, our cat who follows us everywhere and clings to our ankles, came around after the circle was cast but she did not enter the circle. It was incredible to see that she had sensed that the circle was closed to the outside unless let in. So weird that she understood not to cross into it. I thought I would share that with you guys :)

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Re: 2018 New Year candle burning Event

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Oh that's so cool, I'm glad you could join in!
Interesting about the cat. I've had cats do both, that is sit at the perimeter and look in or sit at tbe petimeter and look out, then there a one that started showing up as soon as we cast, it's the neighbors cat, and she goes in and out and all around. A favorite place can be under the altar but more usually she likes to cuddle when we are laid out on the lawn doing a meditation. :shock:
Was sad to she she didn't show up for the candle burning ceremony last night, but when I went out to send off my final wishes of the night long after all had left, somewhere just before midnight, she popped in sending her energy off with the candles right next to me.
Bb, Firebird

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