My lucid dreams always turn into nightmares

Discussion about out-of-body experiences (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and other sleep related phenomenon such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.
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My lucid dreams always turn into nightmares

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Every time I realize I'm dreaming and I try to manipulate my surroundings to change how the dream goes it turns into a weird static-y nightmare. And sometimes when I was younger and used to lucid dream more, if I told the people in them I was dreaming or let them know that I knew somehow, they would... Get angry? And it would turn into a nightmare from there too. I like that I'm making progress, but I hate how every LD ends up being a nightmare.

Can anyone tell me why they think this happens and a way I can stop it? Maybe how I can turn a nightmare into a dream? Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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Re: My lucid dreams always turn into nightmares

Post by Thitabe »

LD's in many cases are actually astral projection's and are trying to convey information either about something that is going on or will happen in the future with a friend, family member or even yourself.
These projection's may be trying to inform or warn you of something that is happening at the time or is going to happen in the future if something is not done to change things.
Projection's can also be about the past and are trying to give you information about what happened so you can better understand events that are now happening.
For these reasons the people in your LD's may be getting upset because they think you are not taking what they have to say seriously when they are trying to give you information they feel you need.

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Re: My lucid dreams always turn into nightmares

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You might get a handle on it by reviewing what the dream is doing at the point you reveal your awareness. Is there a common theme? The nightmare serves a purpose, if only to make you aware of it. Is there any common theme within the nightmares? Are you interrupting at a common point? Try to analyze the sequence of events, the sequence of your interaction, the timing and themes. Identify your patterns and see what it reveals.

It's possible that the mind needs to fulfill some function that is disrupted. If you identify this you'll know what to do about. Heh heh which I just realized is another way of saying what's already been said.

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