Drawing Portraits of the Dead: Rita Straus Berkowitz

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Drawing Portraits of the Dead: Rita Straus Berkowitz

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Rita Straus Berkowitz has impressed large audiences throughout the world by drawing portraits of loved ones from the higher side of life. She is the author of Empowering Your Life with Angels and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Communicating with Spirits. Rita has both studied and taught at the Arthur Findley College in Essex England, as well as lectured and demonstrated in colleges, new age centers and Spiritualist churches in the United States and Canada.

She is an accomplished artist who has shown her paintings and drawings throughout New England and New York. And she’s an Ordained Minister in the Spiritualist Church and former pastor of the First Spiritualist Church of Quincy, Massachusetts. She is also a Certified Medium and has completed a Master of Science in Psychological Counseling. Rita offers private sittings, classes and has trained many professional mediums. http://www.thespiritartist.com

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Re: Drawing Portraits of the Dead: Rita Straus Berkowitz

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Well sometimes it's even more fun to draw those that suffer the burden of flesh vessel too, especially if you can't see them.

What are your tips and how advanced do you think Rita's technique is?

I noticed many painters tend to join this forum and since I began to attend drawing/painting seminar I'd love to ask what are your tips on the drawing down the visions thing?
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