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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

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Like many, my opinion on love spells is you get what you deserve. Meaning, if you mess with person's head, you get spells backfiring. I wouldn't do a love spell. I have loved before, I love now, have been dumped, got my heart broken and never ever wanted a zombie. Perhaps I am too egocentric and want the other to love me for who I am, not because of what I did. Or too proud to beg for love. I don't really know, it just feels wrong. I wouldn't want it done to me, therefore I wouldn't do it to someone else, even to get revenge.
Amethyst Lupus

Do love spells work?

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every love spell I have seen is focused on just getting the person back exactly how it was but what I believe is this the wrong way to do this. A relationship ends for a reason and if you want them back you need to accept the relationship you had is dead and grow from it, and if after you have recovered from the breakup emotionally and you still believe you want them back then you need to think what went wrong and if there is anything you want to change/improve for your life.
love can't just be wished back, it takes time to recover and have a clear head, if after all that you still want to try get them back it isn't a spell to manipulate that gains them, its a spell to regain connection and to improve upon yourself.
this is what i think gets your loved one back, to improve your self for your own sake not there's and then if you truly want to try then regain that connection, but not to simply manipulate them into just loving you
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