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Well said :D


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Well, I'm a firm believer that 'love' spells, so to speak, do in fact work...In fact, unfortunately, they're the ones I've had the most success with, and always with disastrous results. The people I brought into or kept in my life, were people I wouldn't even want in my house, much less in my bed. :? I can admit that I've been fairly morally ambivalent about the whole process...It's not something I do on a regular basis, with every relationship, and I'm perfectly aware of the fact that it's never done out of love....The price I've paid for manifesting these truly unhealthy relationships has always been one of great unforeseen consequence...I think people tend to sense they're going against themselves in some way, so they're bound to become depressed and eventually just become a stranger to themselves. I don't think you can actually manage to snag the personality you've tried to seduce...

I have to include how I think these things work, too... I think for the most part, it's all contingent upon karma...If you've been wronged, have wronged, you could let karma occur naturally, or you could act as a catalyst for it, through conscious living. I believe with ongoing application of deliberate thought, you will manifest a situation where you and the other party have to reckon with each other...It's not so much a matter of casting love spells, as it is a matter of creating instant karma.
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That's certainly a different perspective Sarah, but it does make sense. If you have had some bad experiences with love spells, feel free to tell us about them if you want to. I'm sure new witches really need to hear stuff like that so they will know what can happen when they mess with fate.


Oh Gosh...

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Oh dear...Really, the outcomes have been so gruesome, it's almost embarrassing to get into. I'm not sure I want to reveal how totally senseless I've been when it comes to these things...I wish I could say something along the lines of 'he was a really crummy boyfriend and ruined Christmas dinner for the whole family' but it's never so simple, and sometimes you find yourself saddled to an obsessed lunatic with your safety in serious jeopardy. At a later date, I'll certainly drag some skeletons out the closet, but for now, I should probably keep them to myself. :oops:
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I understand. I don't want to pressure you, just wanted to let you know that if you WANT to talk about it, we're here for you. Maybe we'll all trade love horror stories later and you can jump in then.
Dawn Faerie

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I think it's very important not to mess with people's free will - after all, if they didn't have the power to make their own choices, who would they be?
although i'm not a particular believer in soul mates, i think that similar people or oposite people are drawn together and usually they find relationships work out. But sometimes thinks cannot be, and you will know deep down if this is really true. And if you break up, and you think you should try agian, talk to the person and see how they feel.
I thinks spells may be used to attract people to you, as long as they aren't aimed at a specific person, and the words "with harm to none" or similar are used.
i found it really interesting reaidng your opinions :D

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i am desperate but i wouldnt ever do a love spell becouse then you have a person beside you who dont really love you becouse its a spel
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But then, to a teenager, wouldn't a love spell be the ultimate confidence booster?! I personally am against love spells, because I usually see after an infatuation that the person I was 'so in love with' is actually a total tool. But for a teenager maybe experimenting with spells etc, they might cast one that doesn't work, for whatever reason, and they mistakenly believe it does? What do you think the effect will be on them? They will walk tall, believing themselves to be totally irresistable, and you know what they say, there is no more attractive thing than confidence. Might that also bring them to try out this path properly, and see the other, better things about Paganism?

Just being a catalyst here. XD


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hi u all probaly know my story by now .i think that if u want to be ethical about it the kiss me spell is the best idea because then u can take it from there after that and then if the person falls in love with u then it is not from the spell and is real and probaly meant to be,has anyone here ever done the kiss me spell?i know iasked alredy but i feel its relevant for me to ask here as well.sorry thanx
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It is really Silly for new guests to ask for love spells. :roll: I mean I would have guilt and I wouldnt enjoy the relationship with me knowing he/she never really loved me in the first place... my opinion... :D

My two cents

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I am probably repeating what someone else has said but well I'll take my chances! Love spells can be bad but they can also be good. I think it is perfectly fine to do a love spell TO MEET YOUR SOUL MATE or twin flame or whatever. I am NOT saying you only have "ONE" but people, let's FACE it, SOME people never even meet ONE!! :cry: So I see no harm. Also, in spells to strengthen a current relationship that is already moving in a positive direction I think that is a good thing too. What I guess I mean by "moving in a positive direction" is I would never condone a person doing a love spell to stay with their boyfriend if their boyfriend is unfaithful or a woman beater and they know that. I would advise them to do a spell to give them the courage etc. to be free of such a person. HOWEVER I agree with the majority of you that it is NOT a good idea to do a spell for a PARTICULAR person to like/love you etc. For example, say I like a guy called Tommy. (I don't but I'm being hypothetical!) It would not IMHO be right to do a spell to make Tommy love me back BUT it would be OK I think to do a spell for me to meet someone with the qualities I admire in Tommy. Tommy himself could actually be a serial killer for all I know! :twisted: But perhaps I admire his good looks and his intelligence for example. So I do a spell to help me meet someone who is at least as good looking and intelligent as Tommy (if that person is right for ME) and also is a good person for me! Actually, I think just a spell to meet the One for you should suffice. Yes, some people have many "ones" but like I said some people NEVER find love. I am also totally and utterly AGAINST spells to break up a couple UNLESS that couple are obviously very bad for each other. (Even then they'd have to be PRETTY bad for each other, what if my observations were faulty?) If they were violent to each other for e.g. or had a very negative relationship, lot of arguments, tears etc. then I think if I was a family member or friend I would consider doing such a spell. Perhaps again, just a spell for them to find A twin flame (if you prefer) would suffice. NOW, as for spells to break up a couple BECAUSE YOU want that guy or girl, I will NEVER agree with those! :x I am actually happily married and would devestated if someone did that to me! :cry: But even before I married I always felt it was not right to come in between a married couple. But that's just me! Now, I have been doing love spells for my friend and also a flatmate who HAVE told me they want to meet their twin flame etc. and were very unhappy being on their own. :wink: HOWEVER, the friend has now got a job which will take her all over the world 50% of the time so I guess unless I do a spell for a "flame" whose schedule matches HERS, it's a bad idea to continue! I HAVE used caps, but just for emphasis and also because on the few posts of this thread I DID read, I didn't see anyone put forward a similar view point, i.e. that love spells ARE OK in CERTAIN circumstances but NOT to wish for a particular individual! Gosh, can you also think back to people you had crushes on and later on you were SO glad you never ended up with them? :o Imagine if you had successfully done a love spell on such a person!!! :oops: EEK! ANYWAY that's my two cents over and out. If I have repeated someone, as I'm SURE I have, sorry! Well, if so, let me help reinforce what YOU said! :D

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wrote:If you have had some bad experiences with love spells, feel free to tell us about them if you want to. I'm sure new witches really need to hear stuff like that so they will know what can happen when they mess with fate.
Are you ready for a love-spell-gone-bad story?
To preface I will say that I have not done a true love spell in more than 15 years - I was so shaken by what I'd done.
(Let this be a lesson to you, do not use this spell. It's NOT GOOD.)

At one time I really liked a musician, a fellow who could write excellent ballads that were mystical - so good you could use them in rituals. It seemed that he had some kind of wisdom that normal men didn't possess. He was well read, full of humor, a good hand around the house, and...charismatic. Everybody liked him. But this fellow wasn't good looking. A little weasle-like, if you looked carefully. Sometimes he was handsome to my eyes. Lust breaks all the rules (as you know) andeven the loathsome can look appetizing.

One day I decided to have him. I figured - what the hay, he's horny, I'm horny, lets do it and have some fun. I didn't have my tools with me, so I did my whammy spell. That means that I make up a spell on the spot and use it with great intent. In my experience, these spells can be the most powerful of all, but the most reckless.
I'd read that by placing a hair or a nail from one's body into something the "intended" is eating or drinking will usually do it. So I got a beer for him, tossed in my pinky-nail into it, and served it up gleefully.

The spell began to work as soon as the sun went down (Less than an hour). Suddenly, he was on me like a wolf. Did I mention that I was accompanied by a boyfriend, and that he witnessed the whole thing, and was amused? The "intended" flirted openly and then became lustful. So lustful that he was grabbing at me in front of my boyfriend. I had hoped for tact and diplomacy, but alas! I had wished for lust, and lust was what I got. He was a pig. I was revolted, and frightened. I found the bottle and washed it in the river, attempting to counteract the spell.
It never quite wore off. The cruel thing was that everyone seemed to just let it go, like it never happened. Even his wife (yes, he was married) paid it no mind.

So let that be a lesson to you, don't fling ASAP spells., They are hazardous.

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[quote="Marie"]I agree on what and Waterglyph have said. There are many love spells you can do to help bring the right one to you, but to

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- I despise love spells more then anything.

Heres my small contribution:

Some girl I met once cast a love spell on me. Well as far as she knew it didn't work. Except it did. Two years later! Of course by that time she had been going out with some other guy for quite some time and was having the time of her life. And no - it hasn't worn off yet (a year after it first taking effect) She's still a great friend of mine, i just have to keep my emotions under control. But its the worst feeling, never being able to break free.

I dunno about 'ASAP spells' i use them all the time - Just really for my own general amusement.

'Dear goddess from the sky,
please make this brat pass me by'

or something plain silly like that. smiley08_yin_yang
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this .....from the queen of love spells w/ disasterous results......
anyway..can it be you are giving the love spell too much credit?
no tomatoes please.
do not give it it so much strength & set YOURSELF free.OR admit youre in love.
i AM a witch...but i do beleive that knowledge is power.
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