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Post by passionintheair »

I have read and heard that usually wiccans do rituals outside and in woods and that it is more effectice :roll: , in my little town theres people everywhere walking in the woods and everywhere...you cant have any privacy anywhere :( ....i actually planned meditating once in the woods but got disturbed all the time by people walking big steps on walkingways and stuff theres no way to get any piece in the woods.... is it just effective indoors?...* i just wonder* I am kinda new to wiccan and i want to learn everything about it...but i think that can take a while... :(

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Post by Sobek »

Typically speaking, people prefer to do ritual outdoors to be closer to nature. If you can't go to nature, bring nature to you.

Indoord or outdoord I wouldnt say affects it on a grande level. Whatever is more comfortable and it sounds like home is for you at this time and in that locale.

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Post by [WitchMomma] »

I'd say that what matters is finding a spot where you can truly think and connect to the Goddess/God and meditate in a quiet relaxed state. Outdoor would be great, but if you getting distracted and interupted all the time your not going to get out of it what you want.

I am usually indoors as it is pretty cold here, pluse I wait till my hubby goes out and my kids are in bed so I can minimal distractions as well. That is what works for me, so you find what works for you.

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Post by jcrowfoot »

If you feel drawn to working outdoors, sometimes it can take *years* to find the right areas for working and meditation. You have to find those places that are off the beaten path, yet accessible to you. I am still mostly looking for mine, and I've lived here for two years. Just start by taking walks and breathing in nature, and doing your ritual work indoors until you find a good spot through walking all the local parks and the like.

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