Two Spirit

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Two Spirit

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A common term maybe ? but heard before.. over last few months I being seeing a young woman set in the time of the 80's
I thought possibley I was seeing into another dimesion or something?
I asked the psychic I use often.. Whats going on here..
This even hard for me to believe.. My soul was in two bodies..
Being the word was.. I was told she died in most likely in a bad way.
\In 1996 and she been communciating with me .. trying show things.
I feel she died of drug overdose seen something of that years ago.
before this happened..
So two lives as women with mental health issues how fun.. :?
Not to discount women .. just what I said about mental health.
Ex girlfriends a parent.. I had enough.................

This would explain my music obsssesion over lat three years stuff I was never into. it's her.
It bothers me finding this out...
Poly incranate is what I was told
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