Can someone who's bound, bind me back?

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Can someone who's bound, bind me back?

Post by Greek_Male_Witch »

Hello fellow witches, a simple question: I have bound person, its for the best, and not a reckless decision but I have the suspicion they will try to bind me back, can they do it? Or it won't work because they're bound by me first? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Can someone who's bound, bind me back?

Post by RavenClaw »

Part of my path includes spirit keeping from a modern perspective so I'm not sure what you mean by binding especially between two humans. In spirit keeping, you don't bind human to human so I'm kinda confused about that part. Your question, can they do it? There are two ways I'm looking at that part.

1) You were bonded and somehow got free of it. In that case, you can break the binding again if that person bothers rebinding you.

Or 2) you were never bonded in the first place in which case there's no concern of being bonded again by that person.

If you're truly concerned about what that person might do, then maybe you want to put up protections, cleanse and all that. If your binding of said person was to prevent trouble, there are other ways of handling it. I can only guess as to why you bonded that person in the first place.
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Re: Can someone who's bound, bind me back?

Post by supremz »

Short answer: yes, they can, but if they were bound first, it won't come back to you until you unbind them. Also, if they continue to cause havoc in your life, simply banish them once and they will leave you be. Blessings.
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