Any point in reincarnation?

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Any point in reincarnation?

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So in the past I have inquired as to whether it is possible to remember previous lives. I’ve heard people claim to have memories of past lives though I have to take those claims with a grain of salt. Anyway, the way I see it, if I can’t remember my past life so as to not repeat my past life mistakes, what’s the point in reincarnation? Am I missing something?
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Re: Any point in reincarnation?

Post by supremz »

Some people are on their first life still, and others have been around since the beginning of time. You may not have past lives, but if you do, they will reveal themselves to you at the right time. Don't go chasing after them!
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Re: Any point in reincarnation?

Post by JahaRa »

As for what is the point if you can't remember your past lives, that is an unanswerable question. Remembering past lives could just get in the way of what ever you have to do in this life. I met a woman who came up to me and said something like "you are one of my white roses, we were druids together a long time ago." All my interactions with her led me to believe she was insane, she did not want to be in the life she was living. I have believed that reincarnation is real, but we don't really know why. My theory is that this is like a ride at 6 Flags, you get in line and you get on the ride, some people get back in line immediately after their ride and some walk away to find a different ride, maybe they come back later, maybe not.

Anyway, this woman was married but she seemed to hate her husband, they both were drug uses and they had a son that was very young. The dad took care of him most of the time. She was in love with another guy that we worked with and he was married to a woman that was in and out of the mental hospital (oh, this is getting long), I guess he attracted a type. He was not interested in the druid but she would not leave him alone. One day I was invited to a semi-native american women's ceremony and I went. We made prayer ties and then stood in a circle and took turns putting them in the fire. Then we all knelt with our heads on the ground and I had a flash of another life, horses hoofs running towards the group (a different group) while all of us were kneeling with our heads on the ground. The horses were men with swords and they killed everyone and I knew the group had been betrayed by that druid. She was jealoous because she thought she should be the leader of the women's group but she was petty and vindictive and untrustorthy so she was not made the leader. She got everyone killed then and now was trying to recreate that life with a different scenario. I had a better insight into her insanity and it helped me deal with her when I encountered her. I never told her what I experienced because I had never let her get close like that.

I know that is a weird story, life for me has always been weird. And my take away is that I have no idea whether what I experienced in that flash or others that I have had over the years really happened, is symbolic, or if it did happen was it really me or was it just like looking in the akashic records and getting information. There is so much we can't know in this state of being.
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Re: Any point in reincarnation?

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To respond to the question of what's the point of reincarnation.

I've been shown through meditations and dreams glimpses of my past lives but I never pursue, or seek out, knowledge of my past lives. It just comes to me from time to time. What I learned from those glimpses is a general theme of what I've done. Based on that, I discover how some of my past actions have shaped me and what I do. For example, I've had lives that were involved with magic and devotion to certain Deities. Those actions have come forward to my life in the form of Deities coming to me and some things I did with magic which I use in my current life. What I have become aware of, especially about magic, can not be found here so this feels more like revelation instead of remembering.

I don't have anything that can be called a real memory so is more like relearning what I did.
Knowledge without understanding is not wisdom. (An excerpt from a message I channeled from a Deity.)
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