Giving Your Energy or Sharing

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Giving Your Energy or Sharing

Post by stormofwind »

I'm kinda mad at someone said give out love vibes even to bad people.
I think this is so wrong one those type people deserve nothing from empaths and healers etc.
And there are Energy Vampires out there.. I dealt with one or two..
It's not a pleasant experience ...
And lastly somebody made comment about what kind shirts you wear
with saying can affect people.. Ok.. if you don't have mind that take criticism ..
That's on you.. If I chose wear a shirt that says The Anti Social Club No New Members Allowed
I can.. or wear what I want whatever the shirt says..
These people who give advice need to shut up.
And let people decide what they want to do.
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Re: Giving Your Energy or Sharing

Post by Corbin »

Love vibes? I think more channel the open but neutral vibes of someone with unshakable equilibrium, grounded and shielded is more appropriate. My favourite shield is more like a filter, to keep external energies rushing in and internal energies rushing out - a field or buffer that allows reaction the opportunity to be deliberate action (to receive, deflect or change the aspect of energy - and to become aware of the movement of energies).

I suppose what you wear is often entwined with how you react to comments and questions about what you wear. Anti-social league? If someone challenged me I guess I would crack a crooked smile - it's called a sense of humour. When I am feeling particularly (actually) anti-social I just avoid interacting with people full stop. When you develop your abilities in energy work it is important to know that no one is at the height of their abilities every day (equilibrium is a shifting fulcrum) and shields exist not just to protect the individual but others.

People opine, people judge - beyond the annoying that's actually good practice for someone in the craft to flex your observation, discernment, self-control and willpower. Challenging people can be approached as challenges: offer challenges to understand, adapt to and overcome, we learn little (about others, about ourselves) without the spur of challenge; equilibrium is easy without adversity.
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Re: Giving Your Energy or Sharing

Post by supremz »

The way it was explained to me, by someone who believed in that very ideal, was that you should still send out positivity to everyone because, even if they don't deserve it, karma will sort out the rest, as negative people must continually ward off the light in order to drag everyone else into their darkness. It is sort of like a doctor who must treat every patient with the same care even if they personally object to it, because that person still has the same rights, even if they may have made bad decisions in life.

What you're essentially saying is: "While you may not want this in your life right now, there's going to come a time when you'll need it, and if you reject my help in order to hurt innocent people, then you'll have to live with the consequences, and all the better, because it will be your own undoing."

White magick takes as a given the harmful power of black magick and amplifies it threefold by protecting its user from corrupting influences.
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