Signing up/activate- READ THIS FIRST

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Signing up/activate- READ THIS FIRST

Post by Firebird »

When you get your approval notice, please activate your account. Or it will be deleted.
We are getting way too many folks who sign up, but never activate there account.
If you do not want to join then do not request an account.

Choosing a user name and making a profile is just the first stage in making an account. You must return and activate your account when you get your approval notice in the e mail account you used to set up profile...All the folks who never return to activate their account are holding up user names that others may wish to use.

Going forward, you will have 1 month to return and activate your account, if you do not, your profile will be deleted and you will essentially have to start over.
Also, please swing by the rules page and get familiar with that.
Thank you for understanding.
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