I miss the days before the internet

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I miss the days before the internet

Post by stormofwind »

Did have no worries.. tv was still king and music was heard on the radio or
you go to record.. I miss the days where ignorance was bliss
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Re: I miss the days before the internet

Post by rjmamula14 »

I do as well. It has given me more conveniences but everything has its pros and cons. Sometimes I want off Facebook but it does keep me up to date with events going on. My experience is unique. I went through high school without internet and first used it in my freshman year of college. So I haven’t experienced child life with it or adult life without it.
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Re: I miss the days before the internet

Post by Firebird »

LoL, me as well.
too much knowledge too quick, it exacerbates attention problems.

I kinda miss hanging out in libraries to gather information, the internet makes that a passe habit unfortunately. Not to mention I really miss the card catalogue, so quick and easy...now you gotta find your card, make a profile, log in, choose section, choose department, know the name of the author... and wait in between each because the computer can be very slow.
Now I mostly just go straight to the 130.0 section of the Dewey decimal and see what they have.

Still holding out on the Facebook front, but I do see people on there I would really like to get back in touch with again. Just last week I was looking at a friend form HS, and thought I really need to make a profile so I can reach out to him and say HEY! What ever happened when you got back from Hawaii...30 years ago? ...well two days later a mutual friend from that HS, (which was a continuation school, so everybody knew everybody), told me he had suddenly passed away.
I hate what the internet has done to spread lies, but I love that I can google map anywhere in the world and go on a mini vacation! goodnevil
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