Signs ? Synchronicity ?

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Re: Signs ? Synchronicity ?

Post by Corbin »

What does your intuition tell you?

(Personal thoughts)

I would say to anyone wishing to develop an awareness of the signs and synchronicity of serendipity should learn symbology. As much as you can, analysing the contradictions, figuring on the whys and wherefores. First by rote, then by study and then by investigative intuition; for those "of course it means that" realisations.

It's not an overnight thing, it builds up in phases.

Symbology is almost a stripping down of complexity and logic to its most basic and primative forms. Or the 'childmind'.

Then alongside, start reading about dream symbology and apply your intuition to them as they become apparent - because in life there are universal symbols and overriding personal symbols. Learn a new language, the language of your spirit and the language of the universal soul.

Then after events occur and are recorded, in the 'cold light of day', analyse both your moments, dreams and your trances. Begin with guided meditation than as you advance, lead with questions and enquiries (or prayer) and see where they take you. Be patient. Be observant. Meditate. Quiet your spirit; be led (as too much structure and guidance is more likely to subconsciously leans toward predetermined 'destinations').

Develop intuition, that quiet voice of discernment. Learn to trust it but recognise that it however, like anything in life, is not infallible - discernment and logic should be exercised, the wiles of the idle ego recognised.

The language of the spirit is symbolism and as you apply yourself to learn symbolism something spiritual turn is learning meaning - (the watcher becomes the watched) the individual and the infinite presence seem to learn each others languages - recognise each other and 'handshake' - see each other and connect. When something serendipitous realises you are listening it speaks up. It connects.

Then, when something occurs that sets your intuition into motion: something says 'open you like eyes and pay attention', signs and portents that occur likely have significance. It is often animals in my case but not exclusively. Learn to 'follow your feet'. My feet in this case is my open palms, using the ebbs and flows of energy to guide me like a compass - even if it leads you nowhere you are listening, you are allowing yourself to be receptive to being guided - if you listen things are more likely to 'speak up'. When energy rises pay attention.

Then when you recognise these moments, should you follow intuition and apply the symbols and rules of dream interpretation to life interpretation to signs and portents (the most precarious leap between logic and imagination) you may discover a flowing spirit?


I used to record trances and when sharing them with others describe them as "dreams" The observations and analysis people suggested (that I could consider) were more helpful and casual because the idea of a 'dream' bypasses anyone's unconscious disbelief / counter-belief regarding trance - in consequence they give less biased suggestions.
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Re: Signs ? Synchronicity ?

Post by SilverMoon22 »

Quieting the mind and listening for "the little voice" is what I have been working on. Separating It from the Ego is very challenging, but I am, in some cases, learning the difference.

In my experience, The Ego has been trying to learn to imitate intuition's voice. Also, as mentioned earlier in the thread, there is no chance to hear it again. When I doubt it, the message or suggestion gets scrambled. I notice that usually the first suggestion or message is the .

I say message or suggestion because a message can consist of words and a suggestion (not sure what to call it) is the knowing (when to turn around, where to look when you lose something, seeing or feeling something right before it happens, reading a room or a person).

Anyway, this is my experience. I rarely meditate. My life is a bit chaotic and rarely get time to myself, but I'm learning to quiet my mind even during conversations. It has been peaceful and decision making has been producing successful results.

I have animals spend time around me, but I haven't studied animals yet. I am trying to stay away from number synchronicity for now.
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