Monday my making pagan supplies day.

Make your own oils, incense, dream pillows, teas, aromatics, magickally charged bath salts, candles, soap, yummy pagan holiday treats, and more!
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Re: Monday my making pagan supplies day.

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Ack! Head slap,
I remember now posted that cool page with all the incense ingredients.
Nice smudge bundles. I usually burn them outside. And for the last couple years we have been having a problem with wasps wanting to nest next to the back door under the patio cover. The bundles work well to disperse them.
Keep up your lovely work, and thanks for sharing the pics.
Bb, Firebird
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Re: Monday my making pagan supplies day.

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Nerys wrote: Mon Apr 25, 2022 5:48 am Yes have made incense. I did not have all ingredients so made Not-So-Kyphi inspired by all the recipes at
Made cones incense once using five-spice-powder came out lopsided.
Have made small jars loose incense.
Found lots of recipes at

Made 2 thin smudge sticks using mugwort, marjoram, thyme inside, tied with red cotton thread..
Both lavender and rosemary plant died heatwaves past summer, but online shops
still have no stock, depend only on online shopping for all my things.

Resins recently order at one of those Lourdes in France online church supplies shops that ship to other EU countries, they sell small 10 gram bags resins and greek orthodox incense love the gardenia , so trying lots of new blends and things known to me like copal buy
bigger bag. From the dragons blood resin made small jar ink but it stay pale color.

Do not use charcoal, use small piece of fine wire metal mesh little distance over a burning tealight and sometimes resin inside the empty tealightcup on top of the fine wire metal mesh. No smoke just fragrance.

The Lourdes France shop also sells rosaries so inspired by that made some beaded pagan chaplets with leftovers czech glass beads from my hobby.

Diy today birch leaf cologne, shred leave by hand to 2/3 cup loosely packed, boiled cooled off water, 1.5 tbsp vodka
add to bottle, will shake few times daily, will wait weeks until scented then strain.

Jar infusion birch leaves fresh for my footbath for arthritis just pain cool water use tomorrow. Past weekend did lemon balm footbath.
Jar lid rusted so is cloth stiffened with water diluted white glue and ribbon tied around, to cover it.

Going to make a cup of fresh birch leaf tea, spring fresh leaf has a milder note. Rest of birch leaves drying them.

Found some nice free printables online so with diluted watercolor paints using greens some yellows to colorwash.
This is so beautiful. I love the infusion and just how you did everything. Looking forward to your next one.
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