It's Never Over

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It's Never Over

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No matter some professional in there field of study.. no matter how many times
They try to convince you that was then.. this is now..
Not true.. The soul remembers like a ancient tree standing there.
It remembers a soul is like tree at the core. is life force ..
And limbs are extensions of soul the leaves which are few..
Tell something each leaf has either a moth, butterfly. or dragonfly.
By there nature they each tell the story of that soul of that time and place.
My tree has many moths as I walked the darkside too many times to count..
Some leafs have butterflys .. array of different colors that set mood of that soul.
The few dragonflys I do have I must done something so great..
Atlantis calls me often the perfection the beauty the peaceful contentment..

Let go they say. in sheer arrogance if they only could feel and see..
What is like to be.. I am here still memories that are old and soul that recalls so much..
You can't make old soul forget and old soul.. is something ancient not be dismissed.
So to say so callously this is now.. yes.. But remember the door of time now open..
The past is here as well all you to do is look with your soul and you can be there again.

R.T 2021
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