Brain waves and their cycles

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Brain waves and their cycles

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We had a really excellent article here that Kassandra had started a long ago, I looked everywhere for it, It may have been accidentally deleted somehow when we were rearranging all the "ask the Mods" and Kassandra's forum she had here for a long time.

I will try to re-place some of the stuff as I find it or you all can contribute what you find to the subject, or your experiences with it.
The different frequencies offer different energy, so trying to find a forum for this topic was hard, is it Healing or Energy work ? is it Conscious work or Meditation?, is it for Dreaming and sleep?, Astral travel?, Psychic ability?, because it is all of the above! Depending on what you want to achieve. I use Delta most often for sleep. When I play the beats overnight, I wake feeling a sort of reset. I get a sense of healing as well and I usually use it when really drained emotionally or physically.

back later
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