Knot of Nine

Many pagans and witches use prayer as a form of worship and for requesting help from deities. Share and discuss prayers here.
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Knot of Nine

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The Knot of Nine; words by Doreen Valente,
This is very much a prayer to be used while focusing on intended results
There are several ways to tie the knots but this is how I was taught, with the idea you are drawing the magic closer or inwards.


Carry with you or place under pillow or on the altar until your spell/prayer is fulfilled. Once it has done it's work bury the thread.

By the knot of one
The spell's begun.
By the knot of two
It cometh true.
By the knot of three
Thus shall it be.
By the knot of four
'Tis strengthened more.
By the knot of five
So may it thrive.
By the knot of six
The spell we fix.
By the knot of seven
The Stars of Heaven.
By the knot of eight
The hand of fate.
By the knot of nine
The thing is mine.
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