Artemis and Trans women

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Artemis and Trans women

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CW : Feelings of dysphoria, some phrases that transphobes use


I'm starting to offering stuff to Artemis and I want to work with her and worship her (if thats the proper term, I'm really bad at wording.) But I'm scared that because I'm trans she might feel like I'm faking being a women and might be offended at that. Is this just my dysphoria talking?

Also follow up question. My first offering was of nuts, two flowers (an orange one and a white one), and a tiny little bow and arrow (that's really adorable) are these good offerings for her? I'm scared it wasn't enough

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Re: Artemis and Trans women

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I’d been under the impression that the Trans community has adopted Artemis as their own so I doubt She has any objections 😁.

I’m sure that any offerings from the heart would be satisfactory.

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Re: Artemis and Trans women

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I'm seeing the word 'scared' far too often, it's not a good mindset from which to persue something and not one anyone else can really satisfactorily reassure you about.

So listen, learn from and learn to trust your Intuition. What do you feel (as opposed to think)?

Be bold, like Artemis.

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Re: Artemis and Trans women

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Gods look into our souls and not at our bodies.

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