Hi my name is Camlyn

Say hello and tell us a little bit about you and your interests.
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Re: Hi my name is Camlyn

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"People with a high tolerance for boredom can get a lot of thinking done." -Stephen King

“For every woman is at heart a witch.” -Charles Leland

“Men argue, nature acts.” -Voltaire

“Our life is the creation of our mind.” -Buddha

“Any person capable of angering you becomes your master.” -Epictetus

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” -Aldous Huxley

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Re: Hi my name is Camlyn

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Hello, welcome 😊
I don't know any sorry.
love as always, líriobranco :flyingwitch:

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Re: Hi my name is Camlyn

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Welcome, :wave: We did have a few folks from the Sparks area but haven't seen them for some time. And alas the witchvox is closed, had been the best resource in that regard.
See you around!, BB, Firebird
“There are things known and things unknown and in between are the Doors.”
― Jim Morrison
“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”
― RWEmerson
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