It's Been Quite a Journey

This is the forum to say, "I'm leaving for a while" or "I'm back now" or whatever.
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It's Been Quite a Journey

Post by Silus7 »

My Goodness It's been a long time!!!
It's been quite a journey over the years and i find myself returning to one of the best forums that i ever crossed when i began my to fully embrace my life as a witch out of the broom closet lol. I have no idea who is still on here that i used to chat with, but I'm glad to see this lovely place still exists <3
My life has taken me on some incredible journeys over the years and i have learned so much from everything that has crossed my path. I don't know even where to begin, but i will say that i feel so much love in my heart right now in my most recent manifestations and i hope that all of you are experiencing some of the same. I hope to come back on here again more often and start up a nice thread of some sort. i have been working on may projects, one which includes a podcast with my life long best friend and another with someone who i am blessed to have encountered that might turn into something more beautiful than i could ever begin to describe. I hope that all that have came to this lovely place are able to educate themselves and get the inspiration the way they need it just as i have when i first found this place! I may not post often, but i will do my best to not be a stranger :) blessed be and many moons to come <3



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Re: It's Been Quite a Journey

Post by firebirdflys »

I remember you, Welcome home!, It has been a long journey :fairy:
Don't I remember you doing a frequent horoscope review?
So what are you pod casting about? Is it witchy related? perhaps you could share the link.
Blessed return!, Firebird

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Re: It's Been Quite a Journey

Post by Black Cloud »

Blessed Be! Welcome Back!
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