The day you were born...

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Re: The day you were born...

Post by blue_moon »

SpiritTalker wrote:Look up what phase the moon was in on the day you were born :)
Waning moon.

It's just too accurate.. :surprisedwitch: I wish I wasn't all that understanding sometimes. Figuring out what enotions are really yours and if your picking them up or making them up was always very confusing.
But beeing a healer is a nice thing any my head will just come up with the right herb and idea concerning healthissues.
(Even have a digestive autoimmun disease)

My daughter was born on a Thuesday, sadly I don't recognize her. My middle son was born on a Thursday ;) - yeeees, he is kinda like that! And Wow, my youngest really is a Friday boy smileylove

Blue Moon

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Re: The day you were born...

Post by firebirdflys »

It 'tweer a Moon-day for me and almost full, the next day was full moon.
My daughter was born on a Wednesday. She was with the waning moon, 4 days after full.

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Re: The day you were born...

Post by rjmamula14 »

Wow, very accurate. I’m a Sunday baby. Yes I have always hung out with many people but never had any real intimate friends. Humility I have had to lear. Sports I have gotten better in over the years but I never really clicked with the arts.

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Re: The day you were born...

Post by SapphireRoad »

I was borrrn, by the riverrrrr

Baby Huey aside, I was born day of Venus hour of Mercury
which gives me natural touch for writing artistic verses
also reminds me of someone's claim ''yeah you know how to talk nicely (and that's about it!)''

Also if you omit summer time's +1 hour I was born Friday 3PM, the time Jesus was said to release soul.
Makes me wonder if such concludes to some sort of after-party life, seeing ghosts of the dead and such.
Perhaps cycle of reincarnation enclosure is merely a causation, not endeavour. Life before the last you might get some real artistic touch and in the very last one you just see ghosts, one foot already amongst the dead? Just a speculation.
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