Lilith correspondences

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Lilith correspondences

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I don't recall posting this here and probably thought about it. I made a post awhile ago combining all the correspondences for Lilith for newcomers that I think is helpful.
  • Element: Her main element is wind/air, which also denotes the element of spirit. Fire, is secondary as Lilith represents desire and determination, even in the face of adversity. She also has a twinge of the earth element being associated with serpents and the underworld.
    Day: Friday
    Time: Midnight
    Phase: Dark moon and New Moon
    Season: Autumn
    Holy Days: Ostara, Litha, Mabon, and Yule. (Meir Arama, Sefer Meir T’hillot, p.91b says Lilith rules over the two equinoxes and two solstices; four tekufot.)
    Directions: East for Air, North, and center for balance.
    Colors: Primary colors are red and black. Secondary, are white (for death), and orange. (Green to symbolize the Eden, may also work, and also sometimes purple for mystery.)
Lilith’s Symbols
  • Symbols: Crescent moon with a cross, dark/crescent moons, stars, fruits (Especially, apples.), mirrors, poppy flowers, owls, snakes, nagas, bones, lions, goats, trees, and Anzu birds.
    Herbs: Peony, rose, mugwort, belladonna, sandalwood, sage, and patchouli.
    Tools: Scrying mirror, quill pen, tarot, and feathers.
    Crystals: Carnelian, onyx, red jasper, obsidian, clear quartz, amythest, black moonstone, and nuummite.
    Names and epithets: Aradia, Herodias, Kilili, Lilitu, Ardat lili, Lilu (masculine), Lillake, Nin-ninna, Irdu lili (masculine), Divine Lady Owl, Torturous Serpent, Maid of Desolation, First Eve, Mother of Demons, Succubi, Matron Lilith, Northerner, Woman of Harlotry, Queen of Sheba, Ruination of the World, Great Mother, Hand of Ishtar, Primordial Serpent, End of All Flesh, Woman of Whoredom, Alien Woman, Night Demon, Strix, and Screech Owl.
Original post is found here.
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Re: Lilith correspondences

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Interesting article. Thank you for sharing.

Love n Blessings

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