What do you do when a Deity contacts you?

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What do you do when a Deity contacts you?

Post by LittleOne »

I have only recently started witchcraft, and I have been contacted by a few deities already. However, I don't really know what to do now? I wish to contact them more just to talk and get to know them better while doing outside research but admittedly I am still confused on what exactly working with a deity or deities means.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Re: What do you do when a Deity contacts you?

Post by SnowCat »

I just talk to mine. My deities have always chosen me, not the other way around.
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Re: What do you do when a Deity contacts you?

Post by SpiritTalker »

It sounds something like you're interviewing possible candidates for the matron/patron opening & have received a couple of resumes to verify.

When working with a deity exclusively we adopt their symbolism for expressing devotion. They will use their own signs & symbols in nature, synchronicity, dreams & our prayer-meditations to direct our attention here & there. Researching their mythology & attributes is one way to get to know their symbols. Deities can change when they feel they've conveyed what we need to know. Each will bring to the forefront of our personality the traits we need to develop. That is the magical significance of working with a deity. They aren't errand runners & favor grantors in the magical context.

Religious experiences are another matter. Spirituality is also developed thru a working relationship (prayer is hard work at times) & sometimes they teach deeper meanings to reality than the surface appearances. It's very individual & relies on love/trust relationship. Trust evolves to love & love nurtures trust, so on & so forth & it becomes companionship at the soul level & our identity. Which flips back to bringing to the forefront of personality the traits we need which is deity itself & slips off into the mystical realm. :shock:

So-o, if you feel you've been contacted you respond in that deity's symbolic language in little ways like using colors, stones, animal images, toy-or-facsimile weapons & tools associated with the deity. Just as example, we'd easily recognize Thor's hammer as his "sign" & could use a photo, a pendant or a scale-model to full size replica placed prominently in sacred space when addressing Him, & Thor's-day is Thursday so it might be a good time to dial-up. There are deity correspondence lists in books (the Farrar's wrote one for goddesses & one for gods) & websites to consult.

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Re: What do you do when a Deity contacts you?

Post by RavenClaw »


When a Deity contacts me, I usually hear a name in my mind. The only exception I have to that is a dream vision from a Goddess who hasn't told me Her name. I try to find a myth about a Deity but sometimes it just doesn't work because some of Them don't have any myth that I can find. Sometimes a Deity might use a different name than what's found in myth. What I do is put the "new" Deity through a vetting process so I can know if the Deity is meant to be in my pantheon or not. Part of the vetting process is to find out what the Deity likes. With the Goddess, She showed me in a dream what She likes for Her altar so I know Her favourite colour is yellow and She's associated with chickens. I suppose the altar is for meditation in order for me to learn more about Her.

As for altars, Morrigan is the only other Deity who requires an altar for meditation and casting spells. She guided me as to what to make and use for Her associations.

The rest of the Deities on my list haven't guided me to build an altar for Them. The list is for who I contact to telepathically receive messages which are mostly for lessons concerning my spiritual development.
Knowledge without understanding is not wisdom. (An excerpt from a message I channeled from a Deity.)

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Re: What do you do when a Deity contacts you?

Post by barker »

All of mine get a bit smart. I believe I constructed this temple in my logical mind and that they all represent The One with their, erm, attitudes. I could call them Archons. Those would be quite selfish magicians, each and every.

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