Trying to help GF with dream interpretation. Thoughts?

Dreams, dream interpretation, sleep paralysis, night terrors, hearing voices, vibrations, etc.
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Trying to help GF with dream interpretation. Thoughts?

Post by Onlybeentenminutes »

So my girlfriend texts me this morning letting me know she had an absolutely awful dream and asked me if I could ask around to see if someone might be able to come up with an interpretation.

There's some NSFW aspects of this dream (brutalization of a dog) if that makes you uncomfortable. Just a warning.

Anywho, she sends me, "I had a dream where I was a killer. I kept going on rampages. Every little thing would piss me off, and then I'd be back on another killing spree. In the dream, when I came to you (she's talking about me) for help, you brushed me off and left me. You went to the nearest guy you could find and started making out. Then, Maggie (her dog) was raped, and she was... Ripped apart and it was horrible. After that, my mom tried to put me in some weird academy/highschool. It has me really shaken up."

Anyone know if there's anything to extract from this? Any symbolism? Or just a really really messed up nightmare?

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Re: Trying to help GF with dream interpretation. Thoughts?

Post by firebirdflys »

Yea, a pretty messed up nightmare for sure, :( but things that are really bad are meant to alert one to something very urgent.
we can look at the different symbols and try to make some sense.

Dog: male aspect of self.
Kill/murder: destroying an aspect of the self, killing off beliefs and energies associated with victim.
Anger: disappointment of the self. Frustrated or hurt. unexpressed and repressed emotions. Needs not being met. inability to acknowledge problems within.
Animals in general: represent the instinctive part of self.
Rape: allowing someone else's influence to drain your energy.
Kiss of betrayal: (this one is hard because a kiss is generally thought of a being a warming and comforting, so I'm guessing betraying some kind of comfort within you.

In short I would guess she is repressing an aspect of the self one wishs to get out in the open.
hope that helped a bit,
BB, Firebird

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