Soul Retrieval

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Soul Retrieval

Post by MindyLouWho »

For many, many moons, I have battled depression. I also have anxiety and ADHD. I do therapy, meds, all the old fashioned medical stuff. I've tried meditation but with my ADHD I can't. I've smudged and cleansing bathed. I've reached out to the universe and such.

Some of my family are Native American. One told me about soul retrieval. She said that when you go through traumatic events pieces of your soul flee to escape the trauma. After reading on this a lot, many symptoms of depression can actually be missing soul pieces.

Has anyone done a soul retrieval? I'm not looking for a magic cure to an actual medical condition. But what I've been doing for 30 years feels like bandaging a bullet hole. I'd like to try soul retrieval and have found a reputable practitioner. But I'd like to hear about actual experiences.

Thanks bunches!!
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Re: Soul Retrieval

Post by Corbin »

If you've found a reputable practitioner you trust then I would go for it. I have experience of this which I would prefer to keep private. Sorry.

Trauma is a deeply personal thing.

Its not a magic cure... It takes time for things to get back to some kind of 'wholeness' or reintegration and there is complication, if the cause of the original division remains unresolved, it can lead to future challenges and pain... yet challenges you can face together, overcome, to become one; Whole.

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Re: Soul Retrieval

Post by barker »

Soul retrieval is egoless forgetting. You must think of everyone. Choosing intelligently the not-past... "I"

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