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Fire God

Post by GroundedDancer »

Is there masculine/male fire god with an affinity/like for earth elements?

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Re: Fire God

Post by Siona »

Wait, for fire, or for earth? Quite a few for either, but if you're asking for gods of fire you might look at the Greek Adranus, Hephaestus, or the Roman Vulcan. The Etruscans had a similar deity to Hephaestus, named Sethlans. Japan has Kagu-tsuchi, Kojin, and I believe a few others. In Hinduism there is Agni. Just a few, there are other fire gods in other pantheons, I'm sure.
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Re: Fire God

Post by Lord_of_Nightmares »

There's 3000+ gods in the world, I am sure there is. But I, too, am confused by this topic.
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Re: Fire God

Post by Corbin »

As said, blacksmith gods. However, like Cauldron Goddesses their purviews harness all the elements, certainly fire (Heat) and earth (Material) but bellows (Air) and quenching (water) to take raw materials and make something new (spirit).

So I would cautiously add Gofannon (Welsh) / Goibniu (Irish) / Gobannus (Gaulish), Weyland and Tubal-cain (both in reference to his biblical place and role in Cochranes craft) to the crucible.

-- unless you mean a male fire Deity which is associated / consort to a female Earth Deity of course?

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