Please send good energy

Post your prayer/energy requests here or design a virtual altar that you can come back to and use as a focus for your prayers, affirmations, and meditations.
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Please send good energy

Post by GroundedDancer »

Me and my boyfriend have lost our two dogs in the past 4 months. One we had to put down because of old age and his terrible arthritis preventing him from enjoying anything. He was a strong pup who lasted way longer than anyone thought he would, stubborn to keep living, loved to beg for food and chase girls even with his limp and bad back. Unfortunately one day he just stopped eating and completely gave up. We took him to the vet and they said it was just his time. It was sad, but we had plenty of time to prepare for the day when he decided to take his final nap.

Our other dog was much younger and got cancer shortly after our other dog passed on. After she got rid of the cancer, she developed a tumor in her shoulders area. We were instructed to give her steroids as prescribed by the doctor and she got better quickly. The bump had gotten much smaller and she was running around and acting normal. Then we woke up one morning and she was gone. She passed away in her sleep and we were so saddened because of the abruptness of her death.

I'd very much appreciate it if everyone sent me and my boyfriend some good energy, and to pray for our pups in doggy paradise.

Also, I'm taking a trip to NYC on Monday. I'm nervous, and I could use some prayers or good energy sent my way to help me stay calm. I'm sure everything will be fine, but I tend to start overthinking and worrying. It's not even like I've never been to NYC, but there's a lot of uncertainty floating around.

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Please send good energy

Post by planewalker »

Tiny Dancer,

I'll remember you in my devotions. I can't bring them to the meadow my furbabies are in. My familiars, and their sisters, being cats, in a place with wild catnip, low flying birds, and fat, slow mice would get upset. I see no reason not to make a meadow with fat, slow cats, a couple bushes that sprout their favorite doggie treats, a couple fireplugs and dogfood on demand just by wishing it was so. They are foremost in your thoughts and it will be easy to guide them there. Trips to the Summerlands for your pets happily supplied by your friendly neighborhood Medicine Man. If there is anything else they might like let me know. I'll check this space. Be of good spirits. Your leg is well healed and strong, I'll send calm and serenity to you. Relax and open yourself to it. Your trip will go fine. You have the spirit of the dance within you. My voice tells me to lend my support, as you need it or request it. The world needs more beauty and joy. You are at the start of a career that will help bring it into being. The place for your furbabies is a bonus, my voice won't mind an extra working for a friend.


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Re: Please send good energy

Post by SnowCat »

I will ask Cody and Beth to keep an eye out for them. They've both been there a while, so they know the ropes.
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