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Dear brothers and sisters and everyone in between,

I write to you all as someone who calls Orlando home. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the tragic shooting at the Pulse night club.

For those who do not live in the area, Orlando seems to go quiet on this day even without it being mentioned. Cycling class was silent; just finish the workout and go home. Work was tense. There was even significantly less small talk made. Even the sky seemed to mourn by dropping a near hurricane strength monsoon in the evening.

My roommates had told me that they had planned on going to Pulse that night but decided to just have a beer on the patio before going to bed. These people were their, my future friends, soulmates, lovers.

Today I hear their last screams and silent pleas never to be heard again. Their spirits still live amongst us and still run from the pounding bullets and shattering glass on this day. Over and over the scene is replayed; the carefree party turned gruesome slaughter. All because of love.

Tomorrow the voices will fade but they will always be in our hearts. Their love knows no bounds and even in death they fill us with the love they can no longer share.

Love and blessings, my brothers, sisters, and fellow siblings! Go with peace and may the goddess bless you one and all.


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Re: Pulse

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Gay people are divine people... ultimately.

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