Healing Ritual Help!

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Healing Ritual Help!

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MM All -
It’s been ages since I’ve written on here, but I’m lost. My sister was raped over the weekend. She says she’s feeling anxious amongst many other things. She and I talked at length and she wants to partake in a healing ritual/healing spell to help with her coping process (I told her I would not curse/hex her attacker; we’re going to find her a professional to talk to as well). I’m not finding any rituals or spells up to my standards and am drawing a blank. Are there any herbal/crystal correspondences associated with rape/sexual assault or any tips regarding a ritual that anyone can offer me? Thank you so much in advance and sorry for the rushed post.
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Re: Healing Ritual Help!

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Artemis is a strong female deity. Invite Her to help concentrate on healing and reclaiming self sovereignty. The simpler the rite the better. A basic circle is ritual enough. Letting forth a primal scream of rage in a safe environment can be helpful. Cutting the etheric threads that remain between her & the creep would be an idea.

You don't want crystals that match with the acts of violence; you want ones that bring strength and grounding. Amber has balancing, restorative healing properties. Black amber, aka jet, stabilizes fluctuating energy. Black tourmaline may help channel away negativity remaining from the ordeal.

Therapy may well include group sharing. Let your ritual support therapy.
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Re: Healing Ritual Help!

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Yes fire agate crystal on the sacral center.
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Re: Healing Ritual Help!

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An alternative to cursing the attacker could be that
his true colors be known to authorities so that he is prevented from doing this to anyone else.
I really like the etheric cord cutting that Spirit mentioned, this is really important because of the tie a sexual contact makes is rather binding. Whether it is consensual or not. This is also good for releasing the energy of old boyfriends.
Screaming and crying will likely help a great deal. She could also put any nasty thoughts and words of disgust into a stone which could be then droped into a river, lake or ocean.
She may also need a repeat of the ritual, and lots of patience. This could change her, remind her that she is a strong and powerful woman and this in no way was her fault. Group therapy is really important. She if you can help her find a local support group.
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