Rewrite this rule?

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Bychan Wulf
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Re: Rewrite this rule?

Post by Bychan Wulf »

It doesen't look/sound like poorly written....more like poorly understood. And it shows how quickly people get offended and hurt for nothing :-)
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The Judge
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Re: Rewrite this rule?

Post by The Judge »

I couldn't say what the original author was thinking as I wasn't around for this. But it was handled then and isn't really an issue now, as far as I know. :P
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Re: Rewrite this rule?

Post by SnowCat »

People will likely read the thread and get a chuckle.

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Re: Rewrite this rule?

Post by planewalker »

For any miss understanding, I always say - Don't tell them their crazy, ask what they mean. Seems with such a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, non-phobic, much caring bunch of generally card carrying group of optimists we should just tell the
occasional person who chooses to tackle any language problem in a negative manner ( rather than starting healthy dialogue) to translate this saying into the language of our choice and have it mean the same filthy statement they will think it is. If a centipede a pint, and a quadruped a quart, what would a precipice. I vote for Icelandic for the language or possibly Navajo.

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autumn swan
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Re: Rewrite this rule?

Post by autumn swan »

It's one thing to get 'hurt for nothing' and another to point out insensitive formulations. I think it would be nice when it could be changed, too. It won't put off anyone, I hope, but it does leave a frown/question mark in your mind.

That was my two cents from the other side of the Ocean. :evilwitch:
May the Lord and the Lady bless you.

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