Prayer for artists

Many pagans and witches use prayer as a form of worship and for requesting help from deities. Share and discuss prayers here.
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Prayer for artists

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I wrote this prayer on 06/09/2015 to help me with my Art exam.
Apollo is God of poetry, art, light and knowledge.

"Apollo, God of Art,
You're forever in my heart.
Help me to draw, paint and write,
Everything that's in my sight.
Creativity is flowing through my veins
My gifted hands are free from chains.
I'm productive all day long
And my skills are very strong.
There is nothing I can't draw
Everybody is in awe.
I'm the best, I'm amazing
I deserve all the praising.
I'm original and inspired,
I am never getting tired.
Dear Apollo, look at me,
Hear my loud and urgent plea."

Hope this helps! The prayer might sound a bit narcissistic, but it can boost your confidence before an exam or other important event.

By the way, the "Help me to draw, paint and WRITE" refers to calligraphy. At first I intended to use this prayer to help me with writing stories and books too, but I thought I will use another prayer for that.
Let me know what you think and feel free to make corrections.

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Re: Prayer for artists

Post by Kassandra »


I'm glad your art means so much to you. Keep up the good work. :wink:


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Re: Prayer for artists

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Power of attraction and visualization. Hope you aced your art exam! Even if you don't, I'm sure you gave your best effort!

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