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Re: Tarot Readings by Falcon_Heart

Post by BabyBear »

Nightwatcher wrote:
Falcon_Heart27 wrote:Okay, I'll get to those as soon as I can. I still have a private reading to type up, and I'm really busy with other stuff, so it may take a while. Sorry. :(

No rush; take your time.
what she said falcon i completely understand

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Re: Tarot Readings by Falcon_Heart

Post by carolbpeter »

I would appreciate a reading. I do my own, however, I am very bad at reading my own cards. I have a lot going on, so I am interested in a past life or general reading, however - I have a situation that is particularly disturbing to both me & my family. Do I need to be specific?

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Re: Tarot Readings by Falcon_Heart

Post by cynderella »

I'm inquiring for a reading please, I'm struggling hard and have been the last several years, recently lost the love of my life an just hope things may turn around soon. I'm at whits end. Please your help would be appreciated.

One specific question is my recent love loss the man Im supposed to be with? We both are madly in love one another but can't communicate and were about to start counseling so this abrupt end its unclear to me. I thought he was my forever he felt like it till things got so twisted between us.

Thank you,

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Re: Tarot Readings by Falcon_Heart

Post by Falcon_Heart27 »

I'm sorry, but I'm not doing readings anymore, it was exhausting to me and I didn't have enough free time to get multiple readings done,

I thought I had made a post about that here, but apparently not.

Sorry. :(

On the bright side, there's many other users here that are offering readings, so you should ask one of them.

But as of now, I am no longer offering readings to anyone. Sorry.


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Re: Tarot Readings by Falcon_Heart

Post by Xiao Rong »

Hi Falcon, no problem. I will lock the thread for you so that people can't continue to request. Take care of yourself, and bright blessings!
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